21 April 2014
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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M Rafic Soormally

M Rafic Soormally

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Those who are against ethnic recognition are often described as racists. The fact that a census includes ethnicity and religion does not make it ‘communal’.
A reply to Ashok Subron
According to Ashok Subron of Rezistans ek Alternativ, the « way of life » with respect to the Best Loser  System enshrined in the Mauritian Constitution has to do with his toothbrush and toothpaste and  with his toilet.
Me Yousuf Mohamed makes the compelling case that « Seul un député musulman peut réellement défendre sa communauté. Idem pour les autres minorités ». The Citizen of Mauritius does not exist in a vacuum. Défimedia.info of 09 March 2014 carries the headlines : « L’ethnicité et les élections », followed by a feature « Réforme électorale : L’affrontement Alan Ganoo-Yousuf Mohamed » on 10 March 2014. Both reports address electoral reform at the heart of which is the Best Loser (Minority Protection) System.
Rama Sithanen proposed to abolish the BLS reform system by allegedly keeping its ‘objective’. He might as well propose the abolition of FPTP by keeping its ‘objective’. This type argument is purely political and makes no mathematical/statistical sense whatsoever. Sithanen’s analyses are also dismally lacking as he formulates no hypothesis on electoral reform and tested none at relevant significance levels.
Rama Sithanen proposed to abolish the BLS reform system by allegedly keeping its ‘objective’.
The object of Criminal Law is to punish the wrongdoer in what is regarded as a crime not only against the victim but also against society and the State.
Although in his declaration on Radio Plus on 21st June 2013, Priest Ian Ernest denied that Yatin Varma requested him to visit the Jeannots’, in an article published the next day in Le Défi Plus 22nd June 2013, Priest Ernest does admit that Yatin Varma did request him « d’agir comme médiateur avec la famille Jeannot ». But this does not alter the fact that it is unethical for a Priest to divulge the content of a confidential conversation any human may had had with him as a Priest. In many cases, Priests are even defrocked as they are secularised as their rights to exercise the functions of the ordained ministry are removed.
Any political analyst can see clearly that this is a very difficult time for the government and that radical changes are needed if it is to win a fourth term comfortably. By nature, people want change in order to cleanse the system, especially when they perceive negligence, arrogance and abuses in several areas. This has nothing to do with mediocrity. 
Extreme weather conditions have always happened since time immemorial, especially in places which are prone to monsoons, cyclones and hurricanes, also called under different names.
‘Morisyin’ may be the language of Chafeekh Jeeroburkhan who sees in it « originality », « integrity », his « psychological and cultural setup », but he certainly does not speak for all Mauritians. Unless they do so out of ignorance, most Mauritians are educated and unlikely to adopt a language of the street, except for political and/or sectarian reasons. A Mauritian is one who is entitled to a Mauritian passport under the immigration laws of Mauritius. Chafeekh is confusing the « Mauritian identity » with ‘Mauritian personality’. If Mauritius changes its name, the national identity changes accordingly.
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