30 August 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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The Rambler

The Rambler

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Friday, 11 November 2011 18:45

Echoes and whispers

Green, green grass of abroad

Wherever somebody leaves the country and goes to settle overseas, we say that he has gone to seek greener pastures, or that the grass is greener abroad.
Friday, 04 November 2011 13:07

Echoes and whispers

Budget bla-bla

Today is D-day—Duval’s day. This day is a much-awaited day because it gives an idea of the type of social weather that the country and its citizens will have to endure during the next twelve months and beyond. Xavier- Luc Duval, the new Minister of Finance, will take some ninety minutes to convince the country that he and the Government that has entrusted its financial matters to him are the best the country can have in the circumstances, that he and the Government are bent upon showing a 4% growth in the face of a worldwide economic crisis. Xavier will look and sound the best he can. His speech will be interrupted by thunders of applause from friendly, approving and complacent benches. According to a set, age-old tradition, the opposition benches will start criticising the budget speech soon afterwards starting with the Leader of the Opposition, followed by the interim Minister of Finance now in the opposition.

Dayal’s dilemma

What have they done to Dayal? Or rather what haven’t they done? “I have been victimised, calumniated and humiliated,” he complained to the press recently. And for having done all these things and a few others to him, the erstwhile Commissioner of Police Raj Dayal is suing the State of Mauritius for the sum of Rs1 billion.
We don’t know exactly by what mathematical acrobatics Raj Dayal has come to the figure of 1 billion rupees, but the claim goes well with his personality.
And suppose the law finds this claim justified and orders the State to pay this man the sum of 1 billion rupees, what will Dayal do with all that money? Naturally, before he will have time to say “My God!” the MRA will be claiming its share of the booty.

Enhancing private tuition

The Minister of Education, Vasant Bunwaree, in his crusade against givers of private tuition, has decided that henceforth private tuition will be banned for Standard IV pupils. This comes in the wake of the successful ban imposed on Standard III pupils some time ago. The Minister wants to replace the private tuition by a form of public tuition, the Enhancement Programme, as he calls it. Naturally, as was to be expected, the GTU is all out against the Minister’s decision. “What will the pupils do with all this spare time at their disposal after school hours?” they are worried. And parents too. “Who will look after our kids after school hours? So far we had the teacher to take care of them, and at the same time they learned a few things too.” However, if Bunwaree thinks that he can abolish private tuition altogether, he must be the most naïve guy around.