25 July 2014
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Jameela Jaddoo

Jameela Jaddoo

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Fans of ‘Tikoulou’ may get ready for the first ever musical show of the Mauritian hero taking place in September at MGI, Moka. The hero of the comic book series ‘Les Aventures de Tikoulou’, will make you travel to a wonderland for one and a half hour together with his friends Kasskott, Gromarto, Matapan and Dimoune. Tickets for the show are on sale as from this Friday 25th July on Rezo Otayo.
Friday, 11 July 2014 14:00

Ramadhan Spirit with Peeraye family

Since June 28/29, over 1 billion of Muslims around the world have started to observe the sacred month of Ramadhan. For 29 or 30 days, Muslims fast from dawn till sunset. They refrain from consuming food, drinking liquids and will keep themselves away from acts such as gossiping, backbiting, swearing, getting angry, entertainment, amongst others.
Thanks to its variety of educational opportunities, flexibility, cutting-edge technology and breadth of content of the curriculum, the United States is the No 1 study destination for international students.
With the objective of creating global understanding through the use of the English language, the English Speak Union organised two activities in Rodrigues during the month of June.
One of the most prestigious secondary schools in Mauritius, the Royal College of Port Louis, located in Cassis, recently celebrated its 85th year of existence. Throughout the years, it has produced some of the best students of the country.
Beauté, glamour, élégance et raffinement… La toute première boutique en ligne mauricienne dédiée aux mariées et à celles voulant s’offrir des tenues uniques et somptueuses place la barre haut. La conceptrice, Zainab Cadinouche-Kadeer, passionnée de mode et d’art, raconte comment lui est venue l’idée de célébrer la mariée mauricienne.
Love, friendship, kindness, justice, devotion and self-discipline are at the heart of the school community of Loreto College of Rose Hill. Working towards the integral development of students and sharpening their sense of discernment, the college enables each student to flourish. Loreto College truly believes in making the school a place where students take pleasure in studying while respecting their environment.
Friday, 20 June 2014 14:00

Mauritius sponsors Miss England 2014

For the 3rd consecutive year, Mauritius is sponsoring Miss England pageant competition, a national event in the UK which will showcase the Mauritian destination again.
The Prize Giving Ceremony of the Live Painting Competition 2014 at National Level, entitled ‘Maurice Ile Durable’ was held on Saturday 24 May at Helvetia Youth Centre, Moka.
Friday, 06 June 2014 14:00

National Spelling Bee creates a buzz

The 2014 National Spelling Bee Competition for Secondary Schools (Form 1 to Form IV) run by the English-Speaking Union took place last Thursday at the Gymkhana Club, Vacoas. Excitement, enthusiasm as well as suspense and thrill were in the air during the whole finale where students encouraged their fellow comrades. The winners of the four categories are from Queen Elizabeth College, Northfields International High School, Pamplemousses SSS and Terre Rouge SSS.
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