03 September 2015
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Krishna Athal

Krishna Athal

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Sunday, 26 February 2012 09:00

March on…

This poem has been written after being inspired by Rajee Kushwaha’s “My India” piecework (2008). It is my optimism and hope on the future of Mauritius.
The subject I’m requested to write on, this week, is the non-interventionism of women in politics. Indeed, this theme is of vital importance for modern Mauritius.
Tuesday, 03 January 2012 14:32

2012: The end of the world?

The year 2000 came and left. If we flash back for a minute, we’ll recall that in the lead-up to 2000, chaos was predicted to envelop our computerized and electrified civilization. It was called Y2K: a simple flaw in computer software design was supposed to bring about the end of the civilized world. Power stations, telecommunications, bank accounts, billing processes were all supposed to grind to a halt or be thrown into a state of chaos.
This society tends to relate someone to politics when he is involved in the development of the country. I got a request from a reader to voice out my personal opinion on, I quote, “politics in Mauritius” and “youth in politics”.
Human brain is a wonderful organ, which starts to function from the time you are born, or stops when you think of writing for an intellectual audience. And it is compounded by another problem – I’m told there’re three most difficult things a man can attempt to do in life – firstly, trying to climb a fence which is leaning towards you; secondly, trying to kiss a girl who is leaving away from you; and thirdly, trying to give your opinion to an intellectual audience. Don’t you think I’m in a pitiable position with my pen and paper right now?
Friday, 25 November 2011 19:49

The young guns of Mauritius

As the Budget 2011-2012 Speech of the Minister of Finance & Economic Development was being astutely debated by various Members of the National Assembly, there has been during the session held on 16th November 2011 the presentation from one particular Member, who chose to address the House of the day, not with a speech of substance, but rather with a deplorable and lame narration of innuendos, namely on the performance of the National Youth Council.  I quote the Hon. Jean Patrice France Quirin, “Mr Deputy Speaker, Sir, it is a pity to see how the National Youth Council is functioning in a disorderly way, whereas the youth department of the Ministry gives the impression that it is not aware or does not want to be aware of the real needs of our youngsters.”