04 September 2015
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Krish Ponnusamy

Krish Ponnusamy

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The autobiography of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, entitled «Wings of Fire,» allows the reader to measure the multi-dimensions of the man before he served as the 11th President of India.
During my recent trip to the Philippines at the invitation of my son Dhiren and his wife Sejal Sharmila, I took time to discover the country and visit historical places, including the imposing St Augustine church and the national museum in Manila.
Tuesday, 25 December 2012 10:58

Tribune – The PRB Saga

Being away in South Africa with the family, I could not intervene earlier in the public debates on the report of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB). From experience, I know that when a salaries revision is carried out under dark economic clouds, the Salaries Commissioner’s report is bound to cause widespread dissatisfaction and disappointment.
Last week I attended the Green Africa Awards ceremony organised at Ebene by the African Network for Policy Research and Advocacy for sustainability (ANPRAS) in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Thursday, 19 January 2012 09:55

Economic Perspectives for 2012

In his recent Budget speech, the Minister of Finance stated inter alia that “because of poor visibility as to where the global economy is heading, we are cautiously forecasting a growth rate of 4%, same as the growth rate of the world GDP”.
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 12:35

The Life of Others

I have borrowed the title from the name of an exceptional film which my son Dhiren invited me to see in his Seoul home sometime back.
Wednesday, 30 November 2011 09:58

The Price of Bad Governance

Gaddafi paid his own life for committing the sins of bad governance. The television picture of the man being dragged out of the gutters, beaten and shot by the rebel soldiers provided the majority of the Libyans with an immense source of rejoicing. For my part, I felt sad for the man whom I saw at a number of African Union summits and who had great dreams for Africa despite his megalomania. If only he had listened to the voice of reason and learned the ropes of good governance!