30 August 2015
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Friday, 21 December 2012 09:26

Justice American style

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My dear Billy,
The former boss of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), one Dominique Strass-Kahn, a French citizen with a German name, is now an exonerated man. He has bought his exoneration at an American justice mart for a fistful of million US dollars.
You will recall that he was accused of rape by a hotel chambermaid and he was nabbed at the airport as he was decamping from New York. He is now free of all botheration concerning this matter and can even sit down quietly and envisage a mandate President of theFrench Republic at the next elections.

After a lot of legal procedures and proceedings, he has finally found freedom after a settlement out of court. It is to be noted that financial agreements between contending parties put an end to civil prosecutions and are very popular in the United States. They allow the parties to dodge a prolonged and costly trial whose outcome is always uncertain, the court verdict often being far from either just or fair.

This brings us to another case which was entered in the American courts in the last century and which lasted until the beginning of this century, my dear Billy. It’s the case of our compatriot Louis Leclezio who was fraudulently dispossessed of his property worth several million dollars by an unscrupulous partner. The latter was abetted in his crime by an insurance company which had illegally insured a bank loan to Leclezio’s partner. The deal was clinched behind Leclezio’s back on a property of which the latter was a co-owner.

In his book “First American Title to Injustice,” Louis Leclezio vividly recounts how he has been hoodwinked by an American court, and how the “Machiavellian machinations of the minds of men” have caused “any semblance of justice to fall apart.” The victim-author describes how a Federal Court in Washington State supported First American Tile Insurance Company in its “deliberate and secretly planned intrusion in my business affairs; a fraudulent transaction that First American  wanted to deliberately engage into without my consent because it was designed to dispossess me of my partnership property without compensation by grabbing illegal control of it.”

As the reader goes through the illuminating pages of the book, he discovers the thick layers that smother justice  in a Federal Court in Washington State as he follows the author through the dark, tortuous and tortious corridors of the American Judicial System which affords the rich myriad opportunities to escape through its back door.

“First American Title to Injustice” is the true life-size story of one single man’s fight for justice in a jungle which perpetuates the theory of survival, not of the fittest but of the filthiest. The book clearly depicts how in the United States lawyers are not there to serve their clients’ interests, but rather the clients are made to serve the interests of their lawyers. Attorneys don’t take care of their clients, but grab everything they can for themselves, aided in this by Federal Court judges.

The book shows clearly how greed motivated the lawyers’ firm Hagens Berman to abandon and betray their original clients and join the opposite camp. Louis Leclezio says that the slogan ‘Justice for all’ in America “is brandished loudly and politically for the rest of the world to hear. But, at whim, justice can be trampled upon secretly and silently by the American courts for reasons too shameful to be published or to be used as precedents.”

Undaunted spirituality seeps from the pages of this book as it recounts the story of the legal vicissitudes of a small Mauritian family which chooses to embrace the American dream. Little David is made to stand before an array of Goliaths in the meandering arena of the so-called American justice, at the doorsteps of an opaque judicial system which favours the rich and affluent.
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