04 September 2015
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Memories of the 45th anniversary of the Great Alfateh Revolution (1st September 1969) come to our mind just like the capture and killing of Colonel Khadafi on 20 October 2011. On this occasion, we just want to remind our readers that when Muammar made his revolution in 1969, not a drop of blood was shed despite the poverty of the Libyan people – he ruled for more than 40 years until Libya became a rich country. In February 2011, the West with the complicity of some Libyan merceneries toppled the regime and destroyed the country, killing alongside the Guide and burying him at an unknown place.
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Friday, 30 December 2011 14:00

Rebuilding the Ruins of Qaddafi

With the creation of a new government, Libya’s leaders should finally be able to focus on organising the transition from the authoritarian state that they inherited to the more pluralistic one they envisage. But are they really able and willing to achieve that goal?
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Wednesday, 30 November 2011 09:58

The Price of Bad Governance

Gaddafi paid his own life for committing the sins of bad governance. The television picture of the man being dragged out of the gutters, beaten and shot by the rebel soldiers provided the majority of the Libyans with an immense source of rejoicing. For my part, I felt sad for the man whom I saw at a number of African Union summits and who had great dreams for Africa despite his megalomania. If only he had listened to the voice of reason and learned the ropes of good governance!
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