02 August 2015
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Friday, 18 January 2013 06:58

Behind every successful man…

It used to be the case that behind every successful MAN, there was a POWERUL, usually HIDDEN( LOW PROFILE) , young and SEXY and VERY MANIPULATIVE WOMAN !.

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What is modern about getting rid of a foetus or of a few weeks old baby from within the mother’s womb, which entails crushing the foetus or the baby into bits and removing the pieces before chucking them in the bin, not to mention the mental trauma the mother is most likely to suffer from for the rest of her life?  Regarded as a necessarily evil in very extreme cases, the excuse of the future physical or mental health of the woman is clearly a loophole for outright abortion. The very same doctors carrying out back-street (illegal) abortions will, after their legalisation, provide justification for carrying out those abortions. The sex trade will soon evolve into the trade of foetuses.
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