25 April 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Shakeel Mohamed, chef de file du Part travailliste (PTr) à l’Assemblée nationale, maintien ses propos. Il s’est exprimé lors du bureau politique mercredi après-midi 15 avril au square Guy-Rozemont, Port-Louis.
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Xavier-Luc Duval a tenu à « apporter des précisions » sur l’affaire BAI. Le ministre du Tourisme dit aussi n’avoir reçu « aucun rapport sur un cas de Ponzi allégué à la BAI quand il était ministre des Finances sous le gouvernement Ramgoolam.
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By revoking the licence of Bramer Banking Corporation Ltd and by forcing it, as well as its sister company BAI (British American Insurance) into administration, allegedly in the « public interest », the government (in conjunction with the BoM and the FSC) created panic amongst the bank's customers and the insurance company's investors and then plays the good guy by promising them that their money is safe and that they will not lose a penny. Even though Dawood Rawat, the owner of Bramer and BAI, has for many years been one of former PM Ramgoolam's “protégés”, the government decision should be contested in a court of law all the way to the Privy Council, if necessary.
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Circumscribing police scrutiny and investigations into the six mobile phones seized by Police in the office of prime suspect Navin Ramgooloam is like circumscribing press reports, analyses and opinions as a preventative measure based on mere allegations of what could happen, if.
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Le gouvernement veut resserrer l’étau autour de l’ancien Premier ministre, Navin Ramgoolam. Une enquête est en cours pour établir son lien avec l’homme d’affaires irlandais Thomas Francis Gleeson qui serait un partenaire d’affaires de Nandanee Soornack.
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Justice Rita Teelock sitting in Chambers has refused an interlocutory writ of injunction to  the former Prime Minister, Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam to be issued restraining and prohibiting the Police from having  indiscriminate access to his six mobile phones and/or copying or otherwise storing data contained in the internal memory or memory cards of the mobile phones other than those relevant to the investigation.
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La démarche de Navin Ramgoolam de réclamer une injonction pour que la police ne passe pas au crible ses téléphones cellulaires ne laisse pas insensibles les enquêteurs du CCID.
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Tuesday, 30 December 2014 09:33

No Place for Ramgoolam and Bérenger

The December 10th elections resulted in a series of setbacks, humiliation and lesson learning for the Ptr/MMM alliance in general and for its two leaders in particular with Ramgoolam losing his long held seat at No 5 and Bérenger almost losing his equally long held seat at No 19.
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Even though, by and large, former PM Navin Ramgoolam and his ally Paul Bérenger in their PTr-MMM alliance copied chunks from the MSM-PMSD-ML manifesto and, were it merely for electoral promises, both alliances should have fared equally at the 10th December 2014 general elections, the manner in which the 75% turnout (or thereabout) of voters cast their votes indicates that Mauritians generally could not stand the shenanigans, the arrogance, the incompetence of both Ramgoolam and Bérenger and their sheer hunger for power through elective dictatorship.
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Les leaders des deux principaux blocs politiques se disent confiants en la victoire. Le leader du MMM Paul Bérenger et de l’alliance Lepep ont accompli leur devoir civique dans la matinée mercredi 10 décembre au Dr Maurice Curé SSS et à l’école Madhoo Gopaul respectivement. Le leader MSM Pravind Jugnauth a voté lui en fin de matinée. Quant au Premier ministre sortant et leader du PTr Navin Ramgoolam, il a accompli son devoir civique à 14 h 30 au Dr Maurice Curé SSS à Vacoas.
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