01 November 2014
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Shaffick Hamuth

Shaffick Hamuth

Friday, 31 October 2014 14:00

Green Economy : Seven priority sectors

Mauritius ranks 23rd in the fourth edition of the Global Green Economy Index 2014. This is the first time that Mauritius features in this report which looks at how 60 countries perform in the global green economy, as well as how expert practitioners rank this performance.
La conférence des Nations unies sur le développement durable à Rio, en 2012, avait reconnu l’économie verte comme un moyen important de développement durable. C’est dans cette optique que le gouvernement a déjà approuvé la mise en œuvre du ‘Maurice Île Durable Policy, Strategy and Action Plan’, un projet doté d’un budget de Rs 6,2 milliards. La base de l’économie verte a ainsi été jetée.
Anouchka Moothoosamy is a garage manager with a mission: to provide a complete car care and tyre service. Along with business partner Riaz Furjun in her modern workshop in Port Louis, Anouchka welcomes customers with a trademark smile that translates her devotion to a job she has always had a passion for.
Très long chemin parcouru par l’île Maurice pendant les quatre dernières décennies, évoluant d’une économie basée principalement sur la canne à sucre, vers une diversification réussie en une pléiade de secteurs importants. Mais encore faut-il trouver des nouveaux secteurs pour une meilleure croissance et devenir un pays à hauts revenus pour faire face aux nombreux défis. Ci-dessous, un aperçu des principaux secteurs.
At Dragon Zen Acupuncture Clinic in Triolet you may experience the opportunity to feel healthier and refreshed with natural treatments. You will feel lightened up, with increased physical mobility and a greater awareness of your body and immune system, as well as enjoying greater mental clarity. This is the magic of Ana Jakobsen. 
Mrs Marie Danielle Selvon, in the midst of an already rich professional career was called to the bar on 19 September 2014. A member of the Inner Temple, she is a law graduate from Newcastle University and the Australian National University, and also a graduate in teaching, psychology and marketing. After having worked in Mauritius, Canada, Australia and China, Mrs Selvon has chosen to join politics in Mauritius. News on Sunday wanted to find out more about this lady.
Veda Baloomoody has been member of the MMM since 1985. He was first elected in 1995 in constituency No 8 and again in 2000. In 2010, he stood as candidate and won in Constituency No 1 where he will present himself again. Barrister by profession, Baloomoody shares with News on Sunday his views on the current political situation.
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 14:06

Dossier : La bataille des idées

Elles sont essentielles pour ouvrir de nouvelles voies de developpement et consolider les secteurs. Et c’est du choc entre les aspirants ministres des Finances qu’elles devraient jaillir. À ce stade toutefois, ces idées restent vagues.
Friday, 10 October 2014 14:00

Cyber jungle becomes user-friendly

Want to take a stroll along Wall Street? Or strut down Park Avenue? Or head towards Silicon Valley? Well, just land at Ebène Way Boulevard and find out for yourself.
Former Minister Rama Sithanen had a golden opportunity on Thursday to clarify certain unpopular measures he took while in office between 2005 and 2010. He was speaking in Le Grand Journal on Radio Plus.
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