28 August 2015
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Sunday, 26 August 2012 12:00

About abortion

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The Criminal Code Amendment Bill legalizing abortion has been voted for in June.
Its consequence, in the long run, will be much harmful to our society. Nevertheless, I consider it not late to express my views on that issue.

Abortion is the killing of a life, namely the fetus which, if allowed to live, will be born as a baby. Definitely it is a criminal action. But let us go deep into the matter by putting ourselves the following question: Why do some women have recourse to abortion?

The answer is of course on account of an undesired pregnancy. However, in the case of a couple, such pregnancy can be made to be desirable by the wife and the husband coming to an agreement as such type of pregnancy is of a legitimate nature. The child to be born will not cause any financial constraints to the family as education as well as public transport and health services from hospitals are free.

Hence, the parents will manage, through a slight modification to their monthly expenditure to do some savings, to cater for the needs of that child in terms of clothing, school materials and other similar requirements. To prevent a further unwanted pregnancy, the couple has to review and strengthen future contraceptive method to be henceforth on the safe side.

Pregnancy following a rape and/or incest cannot be accepted at all costs. What is to be done in that case? On the very first day of the rape and/or incest, without delay whatsoever, the victim must gather enough courage, putting aside all elements of shame, go and give a statement to the nearest Police Station of her locality.  

I presume this is where the law was to be amended. So that after a Police enquiry, a report is submitted to a panel of at least three medical practitioners who will perform a pregnancy test on the victim to know whether there has been fertilization of the ovum to get rid of it by the relevant medical method before it develops into a fetus. In my opinion, such procedure is fair and reasonable and could have been legalized.

Even in specific cases, abortion is still and will remain a criminal action not forgiven by God.

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