30 August 2015
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Sunday, 26 August 2012 12:00

Get tough with child abuse

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The caring of our children is an important factor for all of us who have responsibilities as good parents.
Sadly, we see a different category of self-centered parents in Mauritius who does not care about the true value of their children. And this creates social disharmony among families, with tragic circumstances.

Today, so many of our children are being exploited in various ways such as doing hazardous occupations as well as being used in the child sex-trade. Such evils have been prospering in this country over the years and an earnest effort to implement the relevant legislation would go a considerable distance in securing the dignity and integrity of childhood.

We lay an emphasis on implementation because the passing of laws would come to naught if the legislation is not enforced and rendered effective. We need hardly mention that numerous well-meaning pieces of legislation have proved still-born as a result of their not being implemented effectively and energetically. So, we hope the same fate would not befall the legislation in question, because far too much is at stake for Mauritian children.

We have to track down those who engage in child sexual abuse and prosecute them. In all such offences, the corrupting and misleading influence of sections of the adult world is plain to see. If the authorities come down heavily on the abominable rackets operated by these offending adults, the world would be a better place for our children.

Among these morally repulsive practices are those which pertain to the employment of children in hazardous occupations. For instance, the engagement of young children as domestic servants is an outrage which must be ended. Children are also deployed as labourers and made to engage in back-breaking exertions.

It is no longer news that we have among us parents who willingly and happily bequeath their offspring to the child sex industry, for monetary gain. It is believed that thousands of our children are suffering silently in such situations of abuse.

In a country which is heir to the world’s greatest religions, this is a totally unacceptable situation. This amounts to besmirching the country’s name and relegating it to the ranks of the morally degenerate societies of the world.

It is time to prove that humanity and loving kindness are alive and well in Mauritius. Let’s get cracking on ending the country’s immoralities.
Ahmad Macky

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