01 September 2015
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Sunday, 14 October 2012 11:26

A crying necessity for political parties to go solo

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Politics in the Mauritian context has always been practiced in a sort of semi-democratic way against the wish of majority of the population.
The main three big parties namely the MMM, MSM and the Labour party have always dominated the political scene of this country and each one has its political culture of its own but never pays attention to the demand of the general public such as to get rid of this system of making pre-electoral alliances.

 So each of the main political party, the MMM, MSM and Labour needs other small parties to top up their party in order to achieve power. In the past, without an alliance with a small party, no other big parties could go solo. But with a good electoral reform, let’s hope this system will change for better. The PM is very reluctant to reform our electoral system as he has got a lot to loose.

There is a general decline in both our democratic system and in our voting system where with this actual system a minority party is governing the country whereas the majority party is in the opposition. This is what taking place today in our Parliament. Today the labour party is gradually losing ground because of a political miscalculation by its leader   The MMM went solo mostly in the last general election and obtained nearly 44% votes. It shows that political alliances do not have its effect any more as before. People have enough of it.

The present system of pre-election alliance of parties with conflicting policies and personalities is pregnant with all sorts of problems. It renders democratic elections “caduques”. This practice converts also democratic elections into a referendum as to who shall be the Prime Minister. Such a practice polarizes the elections between two political alliances: one for a Vaish PM and the other for a non-Vaish PM.

Our system of elections has on several occasions nearly brought communal conflicts and it may one day result in a deflagration. It also falsifies the result of the election where the majority party with 44% finds itself in the opposition and a block of disparate parties which have won around 50% win twice as many seats and form the government. What sort of democracy is this? No wonder why Mauritius is always rated on the dictatorial scale of certain African countries
Ahmad Macky

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