05 September 2015
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The ruling coalition Alliance Lepep has conquered all five municipal councils. The MMM has faced yet another defeat. The MMSD of Eric Guimbeau came out fifth this time. However, nearly two-thirds of electors abstained. Now, who will be the next mayors?
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Thursday, 18 June 2015 10:00

Municipal Election : Winners take all

Pravind Jugnauth’s positive leadership and the contribution of PMSD and ML have without a shadow of a doubt impacted on the results of the municipal elections.
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Friday, 12 June 2015 08:59

The last blitz

Urban dwellers will go the polls this Sunday. A total of 524 candidates are in competition for the 120 seats in the five towns of the country. Some 394,965 voters are expected to cast their votes. As the anticipated municipal elections draw near, the two main political opponents are indulging in their last blitz.
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Several professionals are contesting the coming municipal elections to put their competence at the service of their towns. Some of them have expressed their vision for these elections to News on Sunday.
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Friday, 22 May 2015 08:58

In campaigning mode

We ought to marvel that six months after the general elections, town dwellers are having the opportunity to chose their councilors. The more so that these are anticipated municipal elections, the mandate of the outgoing councilors technically ends in 2018. The frequency of elections theoretically means that we are living in a vibrant democracy. Yet, the situation is quite different with a number of events that are intrinsically linked.
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One month to go for the municipal elections. All parties and alliances responded positively to the call of registration on Wednesday 13 May 2015.  Thirty parties and two alliances have registered for the coming elections.  All the major political parties will more or less stick to traditional ways of conducting the campaign.
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The leader of the MSM Pravin Jugnauth wants to know from the Prime Minister, Dr Navin Ramgoolam who owns the business of amusement with prizes (AWP) machines, their total number all over the island and their locations and whether new licenses will be issued for AWP machines.
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Wednesday, 12 December 2012 12:00

The silent majority speaks out !

The results of Sunday’s municipal elections are thought-provoking in various ways:
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The Village Council elections that took place on Sunday 2 December could reveal new factors for this weekend municipal elections. While communalism and party politics showed persistent signs, the electorate of rural areas however showed in major parts of the villages of Mauritius a vertical move towards maturity in their choice of representatives for the seven district councils.
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When the Local Government Bill was voted at the National Assembly on Wednesday 7 December 2011, nobody believed that, included in the new Bill, were some provisions likely to create a stir among politicians. It was all about the realignment of municipal wards. Since then, the MSM came alive with new proposals, the MMM became vociferous and the President of the Republic greener than usual. As for Dr Navin Ramgoolam, he was clear at the summing up of debates on the Bill: those who are not satisfied could still go to the President for redress.  Sir Anerood Jugnauth is presently consulting all stakeholders to find a consensus on the matter.
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