26 April 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Rajen Bablee Executive Director of Transparency Mauritius since August 2012, recently attended an international conference on’ Illicit Funding of Political Parties.’ News on Sunday called upon the director of Transparency Mauritius to enlighten our readers on various aspects of fraud and corruption and what are the norms to be respected, as prescribed by international organisations.
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The Labour/ MMM alliance presented 18% of women candidates for the general elections and it seems that Alliance Lepep will toe the line in this regard. Can Mauritius continue to have women under-represented in the general elections and eventually in Parliament? Women active in Mauritian politics share their opinions.
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Friday, 01 February 2013 09:45

Revolution for Transparency

In its latest edition, Le Défi Plus revealed the names of a few big companies of the country that have contributed millions of rupees to the coffers of the main political parties during the past fiscal year.
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Politics in the Mauritian context has always been practiced in a sort of semi-democratic way against the wish of majority of the population.
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The Mauritius Council of Social Services (MACOSS) organised a brainstorming session on electoral reforms on Tuesday to enable civil society contribute to the debate.
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After having given the opportunity to Suttyhudeo Tengur and Jimmy Harmon, defenders of the hindi and creole languages respectively, to comment on the Carcassone Report, today we open our columns to leaders of small political parties to voice their opinion on this issue.
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In the context of what is happening on the political scene these days, I feel oblige to make an appeal with all small political stakeholders who are outside the mainstream to join hands.

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