31 July 2015
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A person has the right to lodge a plaint before the District Court and the Intermediate Court without having recourse to the services of an Attorney at Law.
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Qualifying debarred barrister Dev Hurnam as a recidivist is not defamatory, ruled the Supreme Court in a ruling pronounced by Justice Saheda Peeroo last week.
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Debarred barrister Dev Hurnam, for once, has been successful in a case for damages before the Supreme Court. In a judgment delivered in the second week of December last year, Justice Gérard Angoh has condemned daily newspaper Le Matinal to pay damages amounting to Rs 250,000 to Dev Hurnam for having published false information containing his name.
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Within two weeks debarred barrister Dev Hurnam registered a second set back.  Last time the Supreme Court, constituted of Justices Bushan Domah and Saïd Bhaukaurally, ruled out the ex-barrister’s motion challenging the presence of Justice Bhaukaurally on the bench to hear the second motion of Contempt of Court lodged against him (See News on Sunday  3.2.12).  This time his plaint for damages against Senior Magistrate Padmini Mauree before the Intermediate Court has been set aside by the bench consisting of Magistrate K. Bissoonauth and K. Hurreesing.
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Friday, 10 February 2012 15:01

Another setback for ex barrister Hurnam

Debarred barrister Dev Hurnam last week registered another set back. This time the Appeal Court, having on the bench Justices Bushan Domah and Rita Teeluck, in a long and motivated judgment, ruled out his appeal. Hurnam had appealed against a decision of the District Court of Port Louis setting aside the ex barrister’s plaints against Justice Shaheeda Peeroo and Bobby Madhub from the State Law Office in one case and against the former Magistrate Hajee Abdoula, now a Judge of the Supreme court, in another plaint.
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Friday, 03 February 2012 16:39

Hurnam court challenge rejected

Justices Bushan Domah and Said Bhaukaurally will hear the second case of Contempt of Court lodged by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) against debarred barrister Dev Hurnam. His motion challenging Justice Saïd Bhaukaurally on the Bench to hear his case has been set aside last week in a ruling delivered by the bench consisting of the two Judges.
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The Full Bench of the Supreme Court, constituted of the Chief Justice, Bernard Yeung Sik Yuen and Justices Ah Foon Chui Yew Cheong and Rehana Mungly-Gulbul, in a ruling delivered last week, refused to grant leave to Jacques Jonathan Benjamin Virassamy to appeal to the Privy Council against the judgment of the Court of Criminal appeal upholding his conviction by the Assises Court to 36 years’ penal servitude for assassination.
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