16 April 2014
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News on Sunday

News on Sunday

Some women really evoke admiration and respect by their courage and determination. They are the proof that women are as strong and capable as men, not to say to their equal.
Friday, 14 March 2014 14:00

Marie Félicité

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Equality between man and woman is an eyewash concept for many who believe that the best jobs are more than often  bagged by males. However, some women have not accepted the fact as a fatality and are striving to make a place under the sun.
Dayanand Khoody will not have to pull down the metallic fence and the garage erected which encroach on the property of his nephew, Ramesh Mohunpersad Khoody and  his wife Rishmawtee because the late Seewoonarain Khoody, the former proprietor of the land did  approve the erection of same and his decision got the consent of  appellant No 1, Mohunpersad’s father and that of respondent, Dayanand Khoody.
Four Mauritians will be going to the United States this month to participate in the Pan-African Youth Leadership Program. Along with youngsters from seven other African countries, our representatives will get the chance to visit Washington DC, Chicago, and Portland during the three-week program.
Satyendranath Bhujun, former officer in charge of the Promotion Unit of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), has lost his case for severance allowance against his employer.
Magistrates Vijay Appadoo and P. Sewpal sitting at the intermediate Criminal Court have, last week, set aside the charge of the offence for fraudulent use of property, in breach of section 333 (a) of the Companies Act 2001 against barrister Joy Beeharry, the former President of the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise (MDFP), and his two accomplices Udaisingh Ramdhonee and Gavin Vele Govinden. 
In a judgment delivered last week Justice Bushan Domah sitting at the Supreme Court has struck out with costs the plaint lodged by debarred barrister Dev Hurman against the Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Home Affairs and External Communications, Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam for Contempt of Court, on the ground that the plaintiff persisted in his attitude and refused to retain the services of an instructing attorney after the demise of Mr Claude Moutia, his instructing attorney.
Indradev Chooramun was in company of a drug trafficker to borrow money and not to buy drugs. For this reason his appeal against a judgment of the Intermediate Court has been withheld by the Appeal Court.
Jane Valls is Chief Executive at the Mauritius Institute of Directors. She is also at the forefront of the struggle for the real emancipation of women in Mauritius with the creation of Women In Networking (WIN) and Women in Politics(WIP).
Friday, 07 March 2014 14:00

Ramgoolam and Bappoo scorn journalists Featured

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“Some journalists are operating under the command of ‘large capitalists’ who are trying all they can to ‘sabotage’ my government. If they look for it, they will get it.”
Friday, 07 March 2014 14:00

‘Humshakal’ film crew angers local fans

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Get lost. No, this is not a dialogue from the ‘Humshakal’ movie, currently being shot in Mauritius. These two words were uttered by the film crew against local fans who were watching the shooting at Bagatelle shopping mall this week.
Shocking, frightening and catastrophic were the adjectives used by Paul Bérenger to describe the condition of the Ring Road at Pailles during a site visit on Wednesday.

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