20 December 2014
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News on Sunday

News on Sunday

Darshinee Choollun, 22, is a Final Year BA (Hons) Fine Arts Student in Painting, at the University of Mauritius. She is also a Graphic Designer at Textile Avenue Ltd and Freelance Artist.
The winners of the 10th edition of the Emtel Painting Sensation were rewarded during a prize giving ceremony held on Monday at La Canelle, Domaine Les Pailles. The competition is aimed mainly at youngsters.
Pascal and Karine, two French citizens settled in Mauritius share their passion for diving with their clients in a family atmosphere. The diving centre at Trou aux Biches opens its doors to a new world where one can explore an amazing universe and colourful landscape.
Far more than a business, Lotus d’Or is all passion for Michel Chung Fat and his son Perry Chung Fat, the directors of Lotus d’Or toys shop. Searching for the best quality toys all around the world so that the Mauritian population can benefit from them are their main objectives. Father and son discuss their passion.
Friday, 05 December 2014 14:03

Electoral expenses : Rs 700 million for the two main parties Featured

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An electoral campaign can cost a lot to the candidates and the political alliances. Figures show that the 2014 general elections is costing the Labour/ MMM alliance and Alliance Lepep around Rs 700 million. The National Meeting of December 7 will itself cost each of them around Rs 8 million. It’s a colossal sum, especially when members of the campaign committee of each alliance admit that the Sunday rally will have no real leverage on the electorate or on election results.
“Nothing about us without us” is the theme that has greatly inspired persons with disabilities around the world. It spreads a strong message that persons with disabilities are bequeathed with Rights and Dignity. Mauritius has been working to lower the unemployment rate for people with disabilities though the job market remains tough for several handicapped people. Recently, many of them have been complaining that they are not being offered jobs because of their physical conditions.
Last week, Zaheer Allam, a young Mauritian residing at Terre Rouge, brought glory to the island by being a recipient of the prestigious “10 Outstanding Young Persons of the World” Award. Every year, the Junior Chambers International recognises 10 outstanding young people who are actively striving to provide for their community and who stand as inspiring and exemplary figure to the world.
Magistrate Meenakshi Bhogun-Ramjutton sitting at the District  Court of Rodrigues (Port Mathurin) has two weeks ago overruled the motion to strike out the  provisional charges  leveled against  Police Inspector Rajesh Moorghen, who is answering  three provisional charges set down in two distinct provisional information both  lodged on 28 March 2014.
Justice Abdool Raffick Hamuth, sitting at the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court, has ordered the Mauritius Union Assurance to pay to the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd the sum of Rs 48.8 million out of the Rs 51,800,000 which was stolen from the plaintiff’s Port Louis main branch vault following a robbery resulting in the death of one of the plaintiff’s employee, Mr Gerald Lagesse.
The Mauritius Housing Company Ltd (MHC) has lost its case  against the  Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (MCB) for the reimbursement of a loan contracted by  Ghalea and Yasmina Aubeeluck in 2004. In a judgment  delivered last week by the Supreme Court, Justice Iqbal  Maghooa has concluded  that the  MHC has not been able to prove on a balance of probabilities that the  MCB has committed a “faute” and /or has been  negligence by failing to credit the loan account of the co-defendants (Ghalea and Yasmina Aubeeluck) and by preventing the plaintiff from securing  a first rank charge on co-defendants’ property. 
Friday, 05 December 2014 14:00

The UK’s Immigration Distraction

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Do British voters hate foreigners, or merely freeloaders? That is essentially the question British Prime Minister David Cameron posed in his long-awaited speech on immigration from other European Union countries, delivered last month at the headquarters of the construction-equipment manufacturer JCB.
As the 2014 electoral campaign reaches its last leg, political parties, candidates and agents are increasingly on tenterhooks, trying to make the most of the final days before polling day. Strategies will be revised, methods and actions reviewed and strengthened and field presence increased. News on Sunday seeks the views of two politicians with acute experience in campaigning.