28 May 2015
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News on Sunday

News on Sunday

Benjamine Li, 57, has thirty nine years of experience in the field of travel and tourism.  She has turned her passion into her profession.  After pursuing her studies at London College, Port Louis, Benjamine Li started her professional career.  She was, at that time, aged only 18.
Shahil, 33, an expert in the field of IT and owner of Cyber Arena, makes us discover the cyber café world. Being an active learner and determined by nature, he is fond of studying and has his heart set on social work.
Friday, 08 May 2015 14:00

Child Abuse : Raping the innocents Featured

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The recent case of Kevin and Yoven Teeroovengadum left the country stunned. Who would think that parents would ill-treat their children in such a way?  The United Nations (UN) (1989) declared that any form of violence, mental or physical, neglecting or abandonment, exploitation or mistreatment and sexual violence is considered as child abuse. Zoom in this social issue.
The retail sector today contributes a significant proportion to the Mauritian economy. The sector accounted for about 11.5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2014, contributing over Rs 39.3 billion and is expected to reach Rs 41.6 billion this year. The sector “wholesale and retail trade” grew by 2.9% in 2014. In a highly competitive environment. The different stores and supermarket chains are at logger heads with each other to attract as many customers as possible and to be able to capture market share.
It was a real buzz on social network and a real delight for the eyes. Three passionate women, Chloé Ip, Karen Pang and Khatleen Minerve held a photo exhibition at IBL House during the week of 14-24 April.
Justice Prithiviraj Fekna sitting at the Assizes court has last week sentences Marie Ange Madaram to 13 year penal servitude after she was found guilty for having inflicted mortal wounds and blows to her husband Louis Lindsay James Madaram without intention to kill.
Emtel Limited has been ordered by the Appeal Court to remove the structures which it has put up at the premises found at No 15 A Labourdonnais Street, Port Louis without having obtained the relevant Permit in that connection, namely:  (a) the 6 meter high telecommunication tower; (b) the room at an extent of 8 square metres at the third floor of the building; and (c) the diesel generator or any other generator with which it may have been replaced. The appeal is dismissed with costs.
The Belvedere Scandal could be one of the biggest financial criminal enterprises in history. This is the assumption of Offshore Alert which has revealed this scandal involving Mauritius on 18th March. The sum of around USD 16 billion (Rs 580 billion)  involve several jurisdictions, including Guernsey, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Seychelles, South Africa, Panama, England and Mauritius.
In the Roches Noires case in which, based on gathered evidence, Ramgoolam appeared to have lied about not being present during the night of the burglary and apparently ordered Gooljaury to stand in for him (which Gooljaury later confessed) with the alleged complicity of high-ranking Police Officers, when evidence (yet to be tested in court) points to the fact that he was present at his Roches Noires beach house with his alleged mistress Nandanee Soornack (who has since 11 December 2014 left for Italy and refused to return to give evidence) at the time of the alleged burglary but did not apparently want the public to know about it, Ramgoolam did not give his version of events as to his whereabouts during that night and opted for his right to silence. In other words, Ramgoolam refused to co-operate with the Police.
The Director of Le Défi Media Group, Ehshan Kodarbux gave an interview in Le Défi Plus where he clarified, among others, the issue of shareholding in the Group, in the wake of the BAI affair. Mr Rafic Soormally, a regular feature writer on most burning issues, made some pertinent observations on www.defimedia.info. News on Sunday reproduces his comments below.
It was in 1950 that the 1st of May was celebrated as a public holiday in the country. It had a special connotation for Mauritian workers who had struggled for decades for their social, political and economic rights. Today, in the 21st century, despite the several acquired rights, the fate of workers remains a big debate. What should be further done in order to improve working conditions, salary, environment, health? 
In his ruling on Thursday, Magistrate Alvin Joypaul stated that the warrant of arrest issued against Mr Dawood Ajum Rawat cannot be annulled at this stage of the proceedings pursuant to section 8 of the District and Intermediate Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act.
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