01 November 2014
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News on Sunday

News on Sunday

She is not only a beauty queen but also a talented, intelligent young lady. Urvashi Haurheeram was recently crowned the Miss University of Mauritius (UOM). The 19-year old Law and Management student shares her unique experience with News on Sunday and tells us what she acquired from it.
Friday, 17 October 2014 14:00

Sports : A lucrative business?

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With obesity and various types of diseases currently gaining ground, fitness and weight loss have been growing in popularity among Mauritians during the past few years. Also conscious about their figure, youngsters, middle-aged and even old people are now getting unvolved in physical activities. If men prefer team sports and bodybuilding, women prefer activities related to dance, gym and fitness sessions. However, practicing a sport might cost a lot. Major expenses include sportswear, sports equipment and membership fees to a gym.
Dr Julian Pender Hume is a palaeontological artist and an Avian Palaeontologist from the London National History Museum. He has travelled to our island to take part in the 185th anniversary of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius.
At Dragon Zen Acupuncture Clinic in Triolet you may experience the opportunity to feel healthier and refreshed with natural treatments. You will feel lightened up, with increased physical mobility and a greater awareness of your body and immune system, as well as enjoying greater mental clarity. This is the magic of Ana Jakobsen. 
The Central Electricity Board (CEB) has lost  its plaint against Société Henry  Ng Ha Kwong which is the  proprietor  of Restaurant First situated  in China Town claiming Rs 459,864 being the amount due resulting from fraudulent abstraction of electricity.
Friday, 10 October 2014 14:00

Rs 150,000 damages to injured lady

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Bibi Feroza Johar, a resident of Hitchcock Avenue, Rose-Hill, who was severely wounded by a car while she was standing at the entrance of her residence, has obtained Rs 150,000 as damages at the Intermediate Civil Court.
Rajendra Jebodh, a Senior Postal Executive attached  to the Office of Exchange, Foreign Section, Mauritius Post Ltd will have to pay damages amounting to Rs 75,000 for having insulted and humiliated Premnath Burhoo, one of his subordinates, a physically handicapped person since childhood, now retired.
Nushrat Gunnoo is a ‘Women in Politics’ (WIP) Champion within the Women in Networking (WIN) organisation and legal adviser. Advocating for the participation of women in politics, the WIP Champion shared her views about the participation of women in the upcoming elections. She strongly believes that there cannot be a party list either exclusively made up of women or of men, for that matter. Nushrat Gunnoo and WIP encourage everyone to support women candidates.
Sen Ramsamy, Director of Tourism Business Intelligence, has had a long and fruitful career in the tourism sector in Mauritius and the region. He recently entered politics by joining the Muvman Liberater, led by former MMM member Ivan Collendavelloo, though he believes he can serve the country without being a Minister or a Member of Parliament.
Former Minister Rama Sithanen had a golden opportunity on Thursday to clarify certain unpopular measures he took while in office between 2005 and 2010. He was speaking in Le Grand Journal on Radio Plus.
It’s a yes from Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo in response to SAJ’s proposal for him to join Alliance Lepep. As the would-be Finance Minister in case the MSM/PMSD/ML wins, he ensures the population that, despite the external factors affecting Mauritius, an economic miracle like in the 80s is difficult but, with SAJ and the collaboration of the population, is achievable.
Tacitly, 2014’s May-Day will be played this Sunday. Labour/MMM has convened its supporters at Quatre Bornes and in parallel, Alliance Lepep (MSM/PMSD/ML) will gather its followers at Vacoas. The size of crowds will be an indication of each side’s current forces. Most importantly, it will help the indecisive electorate to make their choice for the coming general elections.

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