30 August 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Plaintiffs, Bijmohun Kesso Panday Bajnath & Ors, have sued before the Supreme Court defendants, Sabeetree Baynath and Ashok Kumar Jagessur, praying for a judgement declaring that they are the real owners of the plot of land of the extent of 63 perches, situated in the District of Pamplemousses, which they have been occupying since 1951.
The Industrial Court had awarded severance allowance at normal rate to Virasamy Ramsamy Narydoo for unjustified dismissal by his employer, Société de Gérance de Mon Loisir.
Accused Yasdeo Choonucksing, the proprietor of two strayed dogs named Sam and Ramses, one being a Rottweiler and the other an Alsatian, has been found guilty for the offence of involuntary wounds and blows by want of caution in breach of section 239 (1) (2) of the Criminal Code.
Plaintiff Sonia Russie has lost her case for damages before the Supreme Court against Jean Hugues Michaud after she was sacked from the defendant’s company. The defendant was not present in Court during hearings. In a judgement delivered last week, Justice Bobby Madhub dismissed the case for defamation.
The Criminal Division of the Intermediate Court having on the Bench Magistrate Azam Neerooa has last week acquitted pharmacist Rajeev Sharma Soborun who stands charged under four counts of “Failing to keep dangerous drug register upto date” in breach of the Dangerous Drugs Act. The reason given by the Court is that the law as it stands does not impose such an obligation on pharmacists.
“The statements of defendants as a whole render probable the facts alleged by the plaintiffs,” concluded the Acting Senior Puisne Judge Saheeda Peeroo, in an interlocutory judgement delivered last week.
Magistrate Wendy Rangan, sitting at the Criminal Division of the Intermediate Court,  has found Christophe Denis Philippe and Jean Rito Collet guilty for having participated in the hold-up of Total Filling Station, situated at Plaine des Papayes, on 21 March 2008. The third accused, Poovendren Vydeelygum, has been found guilty for possession of a machete.
Vinay Nundhoo was convicted to 18 years’ penal servitude after he was found guilty for manslaughter of Jacques Chan Lim Wan. After his successful appeal before the Court of Criminal Appeal, his sentence has been reduced by one year.
Convicted  to 33 years’ penal servitude for possession of  471,7 grammes of heroin and for drug trafficking by the Assizes Court, the  South African J.J. Botha has been acquitted last week  on appeal. In a judgment delivered by the Full Bench of the Supreme Court sitting on appeal and consisting of the Chief Justice, Keshoe Parsad Matadeen, the Acting Senior Puisne Judge Saheeda Peeroo and Justice  David Chan Kan Cheong, has allowed the appeal.
Noyan Béugé has been acquitted by the Appeal Court which has quashing  his conviction  to  six months’  imprisonment  after he was found guilty for larceny by means of scaling in breach of Section 309 (1) of the Criminal Code. In its ruling the Appeal Bench consisting of Justices Abdulraffick Hamuth and  Gaitri Manna-Jugessur Manna came to the conclusion that the Prosecution has failed to establish the expertise of PS Luchman in the field of footprint.
Seniority is not a criteria taking into consideration in the nomination of  Deputy Rectors. Ghumanand Heeramun, who has obtained leave  to apply for  Judicial review to contest the nomination of  55 Deputy Rectors , has  lost his application against the Public Bodies Appeal Tribunal. In his application he has contested the decision of the  Public Service Commission (PSC) for having nominated those Deputy Rector to his  detriments.The PSC and the 55 new deputy rectors  were sued as co-respondents.
The decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) not to appeal against the ruling  of the Intermediate Criminal Court condemning N. Ramdin and K. Hazareesingh, the authors of the acid aggression, of the Director of the defunct  Medpoint Clinic, Dr Kishan Malhotra, to one year imprisonment, has been upheld  a  couple of days ago.
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