30 March 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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The Appeal Court constituted of Justices Ashraf Caunhye and Mrs Nalini Matadeen has last week dismissed the appeal lodged by Marie Cindy Laval and Cyril Pierrot Laval against the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the State of Mauritius and in the case of Antonio Nevil Rome against ICAC and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).
Roopesh Rughoobur, who is charged with the offence of “Attempt upon chastity on a child under the age of 12” in breach of section 249 of the Criminal Code, has last week been acquitted before the Intermediate Court Criminal jurisdiction.
Magistrate Mrs Meenakshi Bhogun-Ramjutton, sitting at the district Court of Port Mathurin, Rodrigues, has last week acquitted accused Louis Pessens Emilien who while being completely naked attempted to steal a lamb in a neighbouring farm which belongs to one Joseph Michel Edouard.
Friday, 08 November 2013 09:00

CEB to refund Rs 620,080 to Soniawear Ltd

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Soniawear Ltd, the plaintiff company,  and  Soniastyle Ltd, respectively incorporated in June 1984 and in May 2004, both holders of an Export Enterprise certificate, were amalgamated on  27 June 2008 with effect from 1 July 2008. Hence Soniawear Ltd becomes the amalgamated company. Soniastyle Ltd can benefit from its previous privileges.
Friday, 01 November 2013 09:00

Appeal Court reduces sentence for bribery

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Justices Bushan Domah and Saheed Bhaukaurally sitting on appeal has last week reduced the conviction period of six months’ imprisonment to one of  five months’ imprisonment in a case where the appellant, a police officer, Nasser Joomeer, has been found guilty by the Intermediate Court of bribery.
Trade Unionist Narendranath Gopee will have to pay a fine of Rs 500 plus Rs 100 costs after he was found guilty by the District Court of Curepipe of the offence of insult in breach of Section 296 (a) of the Criminal Code.
Friday, 25 October 2013 09:00

Sentence reduced by one year in larceny case

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Instead of four years’ penal servitude, Hassen Eid En Rummun will have to undergo a term of three years’ imprisonment. It is the ruling given by the Supreme Court constituted of Justices Bushan Domah and Saheed Bhaukaurally in a ruling delivered last week.
Friday, 25 October 2013 09:00

Money lender jailed for having embezzled a car

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A money lender, Presram Sookur, has been sentenced by the District Court of Curepipe to six months’ imprisonment after he was found guilty of embezzlement in breach of Section 333 (1) of the Criminal Code.
Evicted as a member of the Medical Council of Mauritius for gross misconduct, the applicant, Dr Vasantrao Gujadhur, has sought redress before the Supreme Court to contest the decision of the council by way of Judicial Review.
Friday, 11 October 2013 08:00

Accused off the hook for sex with a minor

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Magistrate Keshnawtee Bissoonauth sitting at the Intermediate Court Criminal Division has last week acquitted Martin Deb who stood charged with the offence of sexual intercourse with a minor under the age of 16 under counts (i) and (ii) of the information.
A gynecologist of Victoria Hospital, Dr Abdool Yusuf Boodhoo, has on Monday been founded guilty of medical negligence during a caesarian operation he undertook on a patient, late Mrs Bibi Tasleema Bava Saib, born Edoo, aged 33, on 1st May 2005. The negligence led to the death of the patient the same day due to the damages to the blood vessels.
Boskalis International BV and Baggermaatschapplj Boskalis BV, the two Dutch international companies, both represented by their director Jan Cornelis Hak, have last week been found guilty of conspiracy under two counts in a case of bribery by the Intermediate Criminal Court and convicted to pay a fine of Rs 10,000 under each count.”