02 September 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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A person has the right to lodge a plaint before the District Court and the Intermediate Court without having recourse to the services of an Attorney at Law.
Present MMM member of the National Assembly, Jean-Claude Barbier, can stand trial in the case of police against with the offence of damaging the motor vehicle of former MSM member of the National Assembly, and now labour sympathiser, Sheila Grenade.
The litigation between the two parties concerning the ownership of a portion of land of an extent of 10 and 1/4 perches situated at corner Labourdonnais and Boulangerie Streets, Mahebourg, has turned to the advantage of the defendant, Françoise Amélie Blais.
Magistrate Prithiviraj Balluck sitting at the District Court of Port Louis (South) has last week ruled out the motion raised by a Police Inspector, Balmick Dussoye, for a stay of prosecution on a charge of non-registration of a vehicle he bought.
The Vice President of the Industrial Court, Mrs Ratna Seetohul-Toolsee, has found guilty Oshi V. Atics Ltd, the accused company, for having failed to ensure the safety and health at work of its employees in breach of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHI) Act.
In a ruling delivered on 28 August 2014, Magistrate Niroshinee Ramsoondar, sitting at the Intermediate Criminal Court, has found Jean Karel Herminette, a computer  analyst, guilty under three counts of information:
Friday, 05 September 2014 14:00

DBM and DBM Ltd same entity, rules Appeal Court

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In a judgment delivered on 27 August 2014, the Appeal Court, having on the bench Justices Ashraf Caunhye and David Chan Kan Cheong, has allowed the appeal of the Development Bank of Mauritius (DBM) and quashed  the ruling  of the Intermediate Court (Civil Division) pronounced in favour of the respondent, Union Enterprises Ltd (then defendant).
In a judgment delivered on 20 August 2014, Justices David Chan Kan Cheong and Benjamin Marie Joseph sitting on appeal have allowed the appeal lodged by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) contesting the dismissal of the information against the respondent, Jean Jacques Collet, by the District Court of Pamplemousses.
Justice David Chan Kam Cheong, sitting at the Supreme Court of Mauritius, in a judgment delivered on 20 August, has dismissed the Plaint with Summons lodged by the plaintiffs, the Emambux family namely Mrs Sabi, Bibi Anjirah, Aneza, Meheroon Nessan and Arshad against the defendants, Bibi Tahera Emambux, Ibn Saoud Kaderbaccus and Mrs Bibi Azeera Joomun of a plot of land of the extent of 1 arpent 05 perches situated at The Vale, Rivière du Rempart, the ownership of which they allegedly say has been wrongly included among other properties in a division in kind before the Master and Registrar and attributed to defendant No 1 (Bibi Tahera Emambux).  
The President of the Intermediate Court Criminal Division, Magistrate Véronique Kwok Yin Siong Yen, in a judgment delivered on 14 August has dismissed the information contained in counts 1 to 4 against Yannick Jonathan Rose and found him guilty under counts 5 and 6.
Friday, 22 August 2014 14:00

Fake landowner found guilty of swindling

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Magistrate Wendy V. Rangan sitting at the Intermediate Court, in a judgment delivered on 18 August, has found the accused Bissoondeo Luchmun guilty with the offence of swindling in breach of section 330 (1) of the Criminal.
Top FM Ltd lost its case against the journalist-presenter, Louis Aldo David Desmarais, sued for breach of contract. In a ruling delivered last week, the Intermediate Civil Court, having on the bench Magistrate Maryse Panglose-Cala, has refused to accede to the demand of private radio Top FM that the defendant should refund the Rs 150,000 representing the cost of his training and Rs 200,000 as damages after he left this radio station to go and work for a rival one, Radio One for some months.