28 February 2015
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Twenty-seven years after an immovable transaction had been concluded by virtue of a deed under private signature between Dr Amah Chaya Rama Swamy Gajjalu and late Samy Sunnassee, for the sale of an immovable property of 859 ‘toises’ at Rose-Hill for a sum  Rs 1 million, Justice David Chan Kan Cheong has ordered the heirs of the vendor to appear before Notary Public, Mr Rajendra Dassyne, to proceed with the signature of the title deed.
Magistrate Azam Neerooa sitting at the Intermediate Criminal Court has acquitted last week Allan Stephano Aza who was answering a charge with “larceny whilst being armed with an offensive weapon under count 1 as well as  with “possession of property obtained unlawfully as alternative count under count 2 in breach of the criminal Code.
Friday, 07 February 2014 14:00

NHDC Marketing manager acquitted of corruption

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Hing Yan Wong Man Wan, the Marketing manager of the National Housing Development Company (NHDC), has been acquitted recently by Magistrate Niroshinee Ramsoondar sitting at the intermediate Criminal Court on a charge of corruption in breach of section 13 (2) & (3) of the Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA).
The Supreme Court having on the bench Justice Nirmala Devat has last week awarded damages amounting to Rs 948,000 to Sewraj Hanjary and his wife Anne-Marie Johanne following a road accident in which the husband was severely injured.
In a judgment delivered by the Appeal Court, the Senior Puisne judge Eddy Balancy and Justice Rehana Mungly-Gulbul has invited the Master and Registrar of the Supreme Court to draw the attention of Magistrates of the present Judgment in which the appellant, Beedianand Teeluck, had appealed against the ruling of a Magistrate.
Accused parties Mohammad Osman Bacsou and Zameerouddeen Goolamhossen have recently been acquitted on a charge for having been involved in a case of traffic of stolen cars. Accused No 1 is charged with the offences of “knowingly receiving an article obtained by means of a crime” under count 1; “Aiding and abetting the author of a crime” under counts 2 and 3 and of “conspiracy” under count 4.
Magistrate Azam Neerooa sitting at the Intermediate Criminal Court has acquitted two weeks ago Visnoo Ooriah, who presented himself as the promoter of a land.
The Appeal Court having on the bench the Senior Puisne Judge Eddy Balancy and Justice Rehana Mungly-Gulbul has, last week, upheld the ruling of the Intermediate Court dismissing Mohammed Joonid Toorbuth, the appellant’s plaint for damages against the two respondents, the Black River District Council and the Health Inspector V. Arokalsami.  
Friday, 24 January 2014 14:00

No winner, no loser in breach of contract case

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There is no winner and no loser in a case of breach of contract between two job-contractor companies which was before the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court.
Sued before the Intermediate Court with the offence of using a firearm to intimidate another person in breach of section 37 (10) of the Firearms Act, accused Ah Piang Ng Kuet Leong has obtained a verdict of  benefit of doubt and acquitted according.
Frederic  Rodney Ah-Laye, a former operator at the Cargo Handling Corporation (CHC) and also a proprietor and operator of a ‘Taxi Marron’, has been found guilty of attempting to possess dangerous drugs, namely Buprenorphine (Subutex) contained in 9,596 white pharmaceutical tablets for the purpose of distribution and has been convicted by the Asssises Court to 11 years’ penal servitude.
Guénaëlle Anne-Marie Saindrenan, a French expatriate who was severely wounded and disfigured in a road accident, has obtained damages to the amount of Rs 250,000 from the Swan Insurance Co. Ltd and the car driver, Jerôme Joseph Alain Tennant, whose car was insured at the said insurance company.