02 August 2015
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Le déficit de la balance commerciale pour le mois d’octobre 2014 se monte à Rs 7,3 milliards, se creusant donc de 6,9 % sur le mois. Les exportations ont atteint Rs 8,6 milliards contre Rs 8,1 milliards à la période correspondante en 2013, souligne le dernier rapport de Statistics Mauritius sur le commerce extérieur. Les exportations domestiques s’élevant à Rs 4,8 milliards, les réexportations, à Rs 2,5 milliards et le bunkering rapporte Rs 1,2 milliard.
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It is illegal to import genuine products without having the permission of the person or company detaining the trademarks. Sudheer Maudhoo and Zario Ltd must have now learnt their lesson.
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Justice Prithiveeraj Fekna sitting at the Assises Court has last week sentenced a Malagasy woman, Bernadette Hélène Ranorosoa, and her son Rado Andriantsoa Ranaivo to 35 years’ penal servitude each.
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In order to boost the livestock sector and assist small breeders in particular, numerous initiatives have been proposed by the Ministry.
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Friday, 02 March 2012 14:35

Imports and Exports in 2011 higher by 9%

Total exports for the fourth quarter of 2011 stood at Rs 19,658 million against imports of Rs 42,365 million, resulting in a trade deficit of R 22,707 million, which is 19.7% higher than the figure of R 18,967 million registered in the corresponding period of 2010. Total export proceeds for the year 2011 were valued at R 75,916 million, which is an increase of 9.2% over 2010.
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Friday, 27 January 2012 16:43

Rigorous measures on Basmati rice import

Basmati rice importers must comply with new specific regulations of the Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB) to ensure that norms are respected. This is an initiative welcomed by Consumer Associations. Nonetheless, there are certain details which must be considered.
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