03 September 2015
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Friday, 14 December 2012 12:00

Health care of the eyes

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Eye diseases are numerous and in many cases, they can have serious consequences.  It is therefore important to detect/identify them quickly.
Among the most common ocular symptoms, there is redness of the eyes. This sign may or may not cause pain to the eyes, decrease visual acuity or swelling of the eyelids. If having red eyes is often disturbing, the conditions responsible for this problem are common. Some are benign, such as conjunctivitis, but others can cause complications that require urgent checkup at the doctor’s.

The redness is often due to dilation of blood vessels of the conjunctiva, the thin membrane covering the front part of the eye. In this case, it is conjunctivitis. Symptoms will disappear in a few days with proper treatment. Red eyes, eye fatigue sometimes associated with headache, may be the result of a lack of vision. A diagnosis of the ophthalmologist is required. Similarly, when the eyes are red and hurt or the vision declines, you should consult your doctor. A red spot that appears suddenly in the eye is generally harmless to healthy eyes. It is a more or less a hemorrhage localized deep beneath the conjunctiva. The redness may disappear in about ten days.

The eyes are precious commodities that need protected. However, they are attacked every day by artificial lights, dust, smoke, flickering computer screens and pollution, among others. They become accustomed and adapted to different environments every day. No wonder that sometimes eye diseases or signs of visual fatigue will be felt, such as stinging, watery eyes, headaches, glare and itchy eyes.

Other symptom that may be irritating/annoying is when your eyes itch. This sign often occurs when allergies are spotted. Different treatments and different solutions are possible. But in all cases, before applying any treatment against itchy eyes, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist. A clinical examination of the eyes is essential to establish, first, an accurate diagnosis.

Good to know
TTo reduce eye tensions experienced during the day, take a few minutes to make a few moves. When we sit still for several hours, we feel the need to stretch our legs by walking. The eyes also need exercise! We can begin by detaching the eyes of ordinary fixed point.

It can also train to slowly blink your eyes like a butterfly flapping its wings. Subsequently, you can change the sight views by fixing on small details that are near or farther away. To complete the express session of eye relaxation, you can expand the movement to the head swinging left and right.

Itchy eyes
Itchy eyes (or eye irritation) are more or less associated with these symptoms:
> A red eye
> A burning sensation,
> Stinging, tearing, tightness
> A feeling of a dust / a grain of sand in the eye,
> An ocular discomfort, eye fatigue,
> The swollen eyelids and / or glued
> A dry eye.

The cataract
Cataract has been increasing in recent years. This is the observation of doctors of the ophthalmologist hospital, Moka.  This phenomenon is attributed to the aging of the population since the disease is characterized by the aging of the lens. The main sign of the disease: loss of vision. The exact cause of the disease remains to be determined.

Nevertheless there are factors that contribute to its development: diabetes or injury. About 120 to 150 patients with cataract surgery each week at Moka hospital. Ophthalmologists indicate that cataract patients are not sent abroad for surgery. Those whose retina are affected by diabetes - diabetic retinopathy - with an advanced, do their surgery abroad. As for uncomplicated cases of diabetic retinopathy, they are treated by Mauritian doctors. There are nearly a dozen every week.

Dry eyes
Due to pollution, allergies, excessive work on computers, many people suffer from dry eyes. Not only the lack of tears causes discomfort, but this disease also induces a risk of eye damage and impair the visual capacities. It can cause keratitis (inflammation of the cornea) and / or conjunctivitis. Often, certain glands in the eyelids malfunctioning.

In the absence of treatment, severe dry eyes can lead to sight loss. This is the case for serious deficiencies in vitamin A. The cornea gradually deteriorates, it becomes white and opaque instead of being transparent. The treatment for dry eye syndrome is mainly based on the insertion of artificial tears in the eyes. This provide effective relief, but you should also change your diet to provide the body with all the elements necessary for the production of tears, such as antioxidants and omega 3.

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