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Friday, 04 January 2013 15:31

Body cleansing – after the celebrations

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The New Year is over but the celebration is still on. And one of the main side effects of partying till late in the night and boozing is inevitably waking up with a hangover the following day. Besides overcoming hangovers, it is also time to shake off the excess kilos accumulated during New Year festivities.
Hangovers are no fun. Waking up to a spinning room, a thumping headache and a feeling of nausea are no good signs to start the day. Despite knowing this, the New Year is incomplete for many without alcoholic drinks. The effects of a hangover last about 24 hours but here are some tips to get through a hangover in a better way.

First of all, the simple reason for a hangover is, of course, drinking too much alcohol. Dehydration is responsible for most of the nastier effects of a hangover.

“Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it speeds up the loss of water from the body - causing parched-mouth thirst, headaches and that feeling of continual dizziness. Nausea, vomiting and indigestion are caused by alcohol irritating the stomach lining, and can add to the dehydration,” explains Neeta Ramdin, nutritionist.

She adds that it is important to drink lots of fluids, be it water, green tea, Chinese tea or even energy drinks and fruit juices, so as to rehydrate the body. Vegetable soups such as carrots, tomatoes as well as artichokes are equally beneficial. These vegetable soups rehydrate the body as well as nourish it with mineral salts which help fight residues of alcohol in the blood.

“For instance, tomato juice contains the adequate amount of fructose to reduce the effects of ethanol. However, contrary to popular beliefs, coffee is to be avoided even if it momentarily helps during a hangover. Coffee also has a diuretic effect which favours dehydration,” says Neeta Ramdin.

Eating accelerates the metabolism and helps to get rid of toxic substances rapidly. Honey which is rich in vitamin B6 is a source of glucose and fructose. It reduces the effect of ethanol and is often recommended by nutritionists in case of hangovers. Eating bacon and eggs can also help to overcome hangovers.
As for the headaches that accompany hangovers, painkillers containing paracetamol are recommended. Neeta Ramdin points out that these should be taken while eating and with lots of water. Besides medicines, a head massage can help greatly, adds Neeta Ramdin.

To prevent hangover, she advises one glass of water in-between two drinks of alcohol. Mixing alcoholic drinks with fruit juices or vegetable juices reduces the undesirable effects of alcohol. “Sweating favours the removal of toxins from the body. Therefore some sports and exercising will help get through hangovers,” she says.

As far as getting rid of excess calories from the organism is concerned, the nutritionist explains that oily foods should be avoided. Again, drinking lots of fruit juices, eating fruits and vegetables and lots of salads is recommended.

“Oily foods have to be avoided as well as barbecues as these are very rich and cause the liver to work more. Also, while making salads, mayonnaise should not be used since it is rich in fat. Little olive oil, citrus juice and a small amount of salt is ok,” she advises.
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