31 August 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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The litigation between the Permanent Secretary, Asha Devi Burrenchobay, and the three editors of l’express, namely Raj Meetarbhan,Touria  Prayag and Gilbert Ahnee and  the publisher, La Sentinelle Ltd, turns in favour of the applicant.
Published in Court News
Only recently, Clinique du Nord has started offering bariatric surgery to diabetes patients. This treatment is thought to treat them from diabetes. However, this is causing much ruffle within the medical profession.
Published in Health
Lack of patience, impulsiveness, poor concentration, and learning difficulties are some signs that a child may be suffering from hyperactivity. If that’s the case, immediate treatment by experts is required.
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Tuberculosis is a very contagious disease but thanks to effective medicines, it is now possible to get a better treatment. While in the 70s more than 500 Mauritians were being affected every year, this figure has today been reduced to one hundred or so. 
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