29 August 2015
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A graduate of the University of Birmingham (UK), Juneid Kodabux has a keen interest in the corporate sector. “Initially, I wanted to become an accountant like my father. It was at that time that the foundations of the offshore sector had been laid. I realised that it was possible to ally my passion for finance with law and that is how my journey to become a corporate lawyer started,” he explains. Barrister involved in both the corporate and litigation (civil and criminal) fields in Mauritius, Juneid Kodabux trusts that the corporate sector in Mauritius has a bright future.  Launching his own practice, the corporate lawyer is a member of the Mauritius Bar since September 2009.
Georges Ah Yan is a national figurehead who is present on many battlefronts. Be it issues regarding the welfare of the people or the protection of the environment. For the past fifteen years, he has thus been on the frontline on more than forty issues of national importance. His latest battle is the safeguard of the country’s last natural beach at La Cambuse, in the south. News on Sunday met with Georges Ah Yan to know of the flame that keeps this academic alive in his constant struggles.
Friday, 07 August 2015 14:00

Minister Alain Wong : “My door is always open” Featured

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The Minister of Civil Service and Administrative reforms, Alain Wong, reiterates his faith in the commitment and good will of public officers. His door, he assures, is always open for those who need him. In view of emerging challenges, Alain Wong believes that expectations regarding the Civil Service are very high. The Minister declares great responsibilities rest on the shoulders of public officers to make our future brighter.
The Rising is a recently launched association comprising of young professionals with a specific objective. They want to reach out to the needy, address social problems and ills. The organisation’s co-founder and President, Anishta Babooram-Seeruttun, says it is high time to re-educate Mauritians.
The Global Rainbow Foundation, under the Chairmanship of Professor Armoogum Parsooramen, invited two eminent surgeons from India for a two-day conference on the development of novel technologies in foot and ankle surgery.
Friday, 10 July 2015 14:00

Eu Gene Ang: “It’s not the end of print media” Featured

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Eu Gene Ang is in Mauritius this week for a conference on Fast Track Digital Marketing by AEA Training Centre at Voilà Hotel in Bagatelle. He explains the challenges facing advertisers and the print media business with the increasing importance of digital content.
The CEO of Le Defi Media Group (LDMG) was the guest of Jean-Luc Emile in “Le Grand Journal” of Radio Plus on Monday afternoon 29 June. Ehshan Kodarbux took the opportunity to explain the controversy that opposes LDMG to Le Mauricien, but also talked on the independence of the Mauritian press in general. Here are excerpts of the interview...
The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce presented its Economic Indicators for the year 2015 at a press meet on Wednesday 16 June. The multimedia presentation of the Chamber prompts us to believe that there is a feel good situation, that the horizon is clear and that the economy is showing an upward trend. News on Sunday however, wanted to know from Dr Padayachy, head of the Economy department of the MCCI, whether the current political situation in Mauritius and global events will really impact positively on our economy.
Varsha Bishundut has been elected as the President of the Network Panel of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). She explains her role, the challenges accountants face today as well as highlights the profession’s role in good governance.
Today marks history. Mauritius will have a woman as head of state. Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim will, as from now, be Madam the President. She has been reading the Constitution and had work sessions with staff of the Office of the President to familiarise herself with the job. This world renowned scientist, who loves wearing black and cooking seafood, intends to do things differently. We met her at the company she founded, Centre for Phytotherapy and Research (CEPHYR), in Phoenix.
The Minister of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries, Shipping and Outer Islands, Prem Koonjoo, has many challenges ahead - the control of one million square kilometres of ocean included in our exclusive economic zone, (EEZ), the development of our fisheries industry and after the integration of our outer islands in the Mauritian economy. News on Sunday met the Minister his arrival from Agalega.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in collaboration with the Mauritian Radiation Protection Authority (RPA), hosted its First Regional Coordination Meeting on radiation protection at Voilà Hotel in Bagatelle from 18 to 22 May 2015. Twenty-six participants from different African countries and Faradally Abdoulla Ollitte, CEO of the RPA attended the meeting.
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