02 August 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Alain Wong is the new Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms. He was elected in Constituency No.1 (Port-Louis West / GRNW) under the banner of the Parti Mauricien Social Démocrate (PMSD).
Will the nomination of an administrator by BAI complicate the task of the government?
The answer is simply no because the government is going towards a political vendetta. On the contrary, according to the Insolvency Act, the Administrator preserves the assets of the company to the best of his ability.
In March this year, Helene Echevin a Food Science and Technology engineer, was elected the new president of the MCCI at its 166th Annual General Meeting. In the interview that follows, the new president of the MCCI gives her views of the challenges that stand ahead of trade and commerce in 2015.
Government will inject around Rs 10.3 billion in the implementation of priority projects in the water sector so as to address water supply problems in regions that are most affected. News On Sunday called upon Parmanand Moloye to comment on the massive investment to revamp the water sector in Mauritius.
Moollan & Moollan Ltd, the audit firm based in Mauritius and operating in the region, has recently joined the prestigious Integra International, a global and interactive association of independent auditing firms, accounting and consulting, which is headquartered in London. Shakil Moollan, Associate Director of the firm shares his achievement with News on Sunday.
“The prices of some basic foodstuffs might be on the rise in the coming months”
Rajen Bablee Executive Director of Transparency Mauritius since August 2012, recently attended an international conference on’ Illicit Funding of Political Parties.’ News on Sunday called upon the director of Transparency Mauritius to enlighten our readers on various aspects of fraud and corruption and what are the norms to be respected, as prescribed by international organisations.
The tourism industry is facing many challenges. News on Sunday discusses this sector with Anand Appanah, a seasoned entrepreneur who views the tourism industry from another perspective.
Catherine McIlraith has served in various big firms before her appointment at the head of the Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD). She epitomises courage and success and is a role model for so many women. She shares her experience with the readers of News on Sunday.   
Philip Li Ching Hum is one of the rare Sino-Mauritians who, in spite of very good university degrees, did not leave the country to find a better place abroad. As a true patriot, he invests himself in social work trying to help his neighbour, whatever his class or creed. He is a good observer of our society and never spares a moment at commenting on things as they are, especially when he feels that there is injustice. News On Sunday thinks it fit that he gives his views on the local Chinese community- their apprehensions, wishes and hopes.
Prithvirajsing Roopun is the new Minister of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment following the December 2014 General Elections. He was elected in Constituency No 9 – Flacq/Bon Accueil. He is a practising Attorney and this is his third mandate at the National Assembly since he joined politics in 1995. He served as Deputy Government Chief Whip in the year 2000, Minister of Local Government in 2005 and Deputy Speaker in 2010. News on Sunday wants to know of his priorities as new Minister of Social Integration and how he is going to fulfill the agenda of the government in line with the announcement of the Prime Minister that there will be a Marshall Plan on poverty.
Australia has supported Mauritius through many projects in the past and intends to pursue in the same vein. On Australia Day, celebrated on Monday 26 January, the High Commissioner Susan Coles highlights various sectors where Mauritians can do business in Australia. She also mentions the possibility of migration.