20 April 2014
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Emmanuel Richon has had a long career in Museum restoration activities in Paris, Sydney and in Mauritius since 1980. After having recovered the great paintings of the St Francis Church in Pamplemousses, at St Louis Cathedral and those at the City Hall of the Municipality of Port Louis, he has worked on the recovery of the collection of the Blue Penny Museum where he is today the curator.
Malcolm de Chazal, one of the most enigmatic of the island literary figures and who remains until to-day a misunderstood personality will be in the limelight in the coming weeks.
Arbitration is a source of interest for both government and the private sector in Mauritius. Recently the Council of Ministers at cabinet meeting nominated members who are going to form the Permanent Court of Arbitration.
We have heard and seen many agricultural practices in Mauritius: hydroponics, drip irrigation, green agriculture and bio vegetables. The latest practice is being brought to us by the Brahma Kumaris- It is called Yogic Agriculture.
Francois de Grivel is the owner and director of the St Antoine Industrial Estate. His family is established on the island since 1755.
The 8th Edition of the upcoming biggest trade exhibition of the country « Expo Pakistan 2013 » will be held from 26-29 September 2013 at Karachi Expo Centre, Pakistan. The event, which is the biggest trade fair in Pakistan, showcases the largest collection of Pakistan’s export products and services from leading manufacturers and exporters.
In his speech at the Eid ul Fitr celebrations on Friday 9 August at Plaine Verte, the Prime Minister underlined that the country is today facing a lot of social problems. “These social scourges,” he said “are mainly here because people forget human values. These social problems should address each and everyone of the Mauritian society to their responsibilities, whether they are parents, teachers, religious heads or politicians.”
Mauritius and India have had close links for nearly half a century. Even before the establishment of diplomatic links, India looked upon the island with a fraternal eye as most of its population is of Indian origin.
An Electoral Reform is in the offing since quite a long time now. Parliamentarians expected the matter to be discussed in the first session of the National Assembly this year but they had to deal with punctual national issues pertaining to morality, security and economy.
Baljinder Sharma has had a slightly unconventional career. After graduating in engineering, he worked for HCL Ltd one of India’s top IT companies for about three years followed by a short stint with a local IT firm in Mauritius.
Shekur Suntah made his debut in 1981 as Civil and Structural Engineer in the UK after graduating in Civil Engineering from the University of Leeds in 1980. In 1987 he took up employment with Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners (Mauritius) as Structural Engineer.
Paul Chong Leong is a barrister since 1971. He studied in London, went into private practice until 1974, before he joined the magistracy. He became Attorney General in 1976 until 1982.

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