07 July 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Besides the two main blocks, other political parties will also put up their members as candidates for the general elections. For political observer Ram Seegobin from Lalit, these parties will be able to emerge only if they get the support of the electorate.
Wednesday 1st October is observed as the International Day for the Elderly. The theme chosen by the United Nations this year is: ‘Leaving No One Behind- Promoting a Society for All.’ In this context, News on Sunday wants to share with its readers the contribution of our elders in the development of Mauritius and the challenges and fears they are facing in their daily life. The president of the Club ‘Le Flamboyant’, Vir Mulloo, a former government chief executive, gives us a clear picture of the current situation.
This week, News on Sunday calls upon Kumaraswamy Venkatasawmy, promising member of Think Mauritius to share his knowledge on politics and propose new ideas to political leaders at this crucial moment.    
Transparency Mauritius is in the process of finalising an updated Code of conduct for free and fair elections. A copy will be handed to the Electoral Supervisory Commission and the Electoral Commissioner.
Kavita Jeetun, Treasurer at Women in Politics (WIP) explains the role of women in the Mauritian politics. She puts forward various aspects of the debate around women representation in Parliament and the fight of WIP for women representation.
Lecturer of Political Science at the University of Mauritius, Tania Diolle provides a detailed analysis of the current political turmoil and through her analysis attempts to enlighten our readers.
News on Sunday also sought the views of Dr Shafick Osman, expert in Geopolitics and a keen political observer, on the current political situation. He highlights several aspects of the political climate prevailing these days.
Last Tuesday Dr Vasant Bunwaree convened the press to throw spotlight on the accomplishments of the Ministry of Education since he joined as the Minister in 2008.
Ben Buntipilly is at the head of the Special Road Safety Unit, placed under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office, for the past four years. He claims success in the implementation of his projects so much so that Mauritius, he says, is the best among African countries. However, he is quick to claims that there is still a long way to go and that one of the first steps taken for this long journey is the setting up of a state of the art drivers training centre. News on Sunday met the Special Adviser of the Prime Minister on road safety in his office and asked him the reasons for so many deaths on our roads.
Jonathan Drew is the new British High Commissioner in Mauritius. He presented his credentials to the President of the Republic two weeks ago. He hosted a reception at Westminster House on Thursday 4 September to better know the big players of the Mauritian society. News on Sunday asked him a few questions, so as to know what the priorities on his agenda are.
Dr Pramode Jaddoo, economist, believes that an elderly person, with knowledge and experience, should not become a liability but rather an asset for the future economic and social development of a country. In the interview which follows, he points out the need to set priorities on major welfare measures such as old-age pension. However he also mentions that other measures must be re-adjusted so as to cut down unnecessary costs.
Dan Maraye, observer of Mauritian politics, in an interview with News on Sunday, this week, brings new light to the current political debate.