31 August 2015
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The 10th Economic Forum of the Indian Ocean Islands (FEIOI), takes place in Moroni Comoros this weekend,  23-25 October 2014. The FEIOI is the most important economic event of the Indian Ocean region. Organised this year by the Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (the UCCIA) under the auspices of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Indian Ocean (the UCCIOI) in collaboration with the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), the FEIOI itself is a beacon economic rendez-vous of the region.
Veda Baloomoody has been member of the MMM since 1985. He was first elected in 1995 in constituency No 8 and again in 2000. In 2010, he stood as candidate and won in Constituency No 1 where he will present himself again. Barrister by profession, Baloomoody shares with News on Sunday his views on the current political situation.
Mrs Marie Danielle Selvon, in the midst of an already rich professional career was called to the bar on 19 September 2014. A member of the Inner Temple, she is a law graduate from Newcastle University and the Australian National University, and also a graduate in teaching, psychology and marketing. After having worked in Mauritius, Canada, Australia and China, Mrs Selvon has chosen to join politics in Mauritius. News on Sunday wanted to find out more about this lady.
Nushrat Gunnoo is a ‘Women in Politics’ (WIP) Champion within the Women in Networking (WIN) organisation and legal adviser. Advocating for the participation of women in politics, the WIP Champion shared her views about the participation of women in the upcoming elections. She strongly believes that there cannot be a party list either exclusively made up of women or of men, for that matter. Nushrat Gunnoo and WIP encourage everyone to support women candidates.
Sen Ramsamy, Director of Tourism Business Intelligence, has had a long and fruitful career in the tourism sector in Mauritius and the region. He recently entered politics by joining the Muvman Liberater, led by former MMM member Ivan Collendavelloo, though he believes he can serve the country without being a Minister or a Member of Parliament.
Friday, 03 October 2014 14:00

Suttyhudeo Tengur : “I am not a political stooge” Featured

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Recently nominated at the head of the Standards Council, the trade unionist and political observer, Suttyhudeo Tengur, argues that his nomination is solely based on meritocracy and according to the legal framework. The ardent political observer also points out what should be the government’s priorities. 
Besides the two main blocks, other political parties will also put up their members as candidates for the general elections. For political observer Ram Seegobin from Lalit, these parties will be able to emerge only if they get the support of the electorate.
Wednesday 1st October is observed as the International Day for the Elderly. The theme chosen by the United Nations this year is: ‘Leaving No One Behind- Promoting a Society for All.’ In this context, News on Sunday wants to share with its readers the contribution of our elders in the development of Mauritius and the challenges and fears they are facing in their daily life. The president of the Club ‘Le Flamboyant’, Vir Mulloo, a former government chief executive, gives us a clear picture of the current situation.
This week, News on Sunday calls upon Kumaraswamy Venkatasawmy, promising member of Think Mauritius to share his knowledge on politics and propose new ideas to political leaders at this crucial moment.    
Transparency Mauritius is in the process of finalising an updated Code of conduct for free and fair elections. A copy will be handed to the Electoral Supervisory Commission and the Electoral Commissioner.
Kavita Jeetun, Treasurer at Women in Politics (WIP) explains the role of women in the Mauritian politics. She puts forward various aspects of the debate around women representation in Parliament and the fight of WIP for women representation.
Lecturer of Political Science at the University of Mauritius, Tania Diolle provides a detailed analysis of the current political turmoil and through her analysis attempts to enlighten our readers.