25 October 2014
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India is celebrating its 65th Republic Day on January 26, 2014. The celebrations coincide this year with the arrival of the new High Commissioner, Anup Kumar Mudgal in Mauritius, succeeding to TP Seetharam who left for new shores, early in December 2013.
“ 2014 is a critical year for the IORA. We are putting into practice some solid ideas. We will pay equal attention to the expectations of the our member states, be it small islands states or least developed countries.”
The Sugar cane harvest came to an end in the last week of December 2013. Trade unions of the sugar cane industry and members of the Mauritius Sugar Producers Association have been meeting since August 2013 to find a solution regarding a new collective agreement for 2014-2017.
Rajun Jugurnath was designated “Man of the Year” by Le Defi Group in 2005. He retired a few days ago after having served with utmost integrity as Director of Audit for the past eleven years.
Caroline Chen is a businesswoman who is involved in cruise tourism for the past twenty years. She is the daughter of well known Charles Ng of Atom Travel. After her graduation from Kent University with a BSc in Management Science (Hons) in 1992 and after having been trained at British Airways, she procured herself an Advanced IATA certificate and joined Atom Travel.
Devarajen Kanaksabee is a well known figure in Port Louis as he runs a shop at Royal Road, dealing in electrical accessories and appliances. He is the Leader of the Front Socialiste (a political organisation) and is also General Secretary of the Tamil Council.
Chinatown is the pride of Mauritius. Since some time back things have turned nasty in this bustling area of the capital city, Port Louis with wild fires, crimes and the trafficking of narcotics.
Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt, Director of COTRI, (China Outbound Tourism Research Institute), was in Mauritius recently to host a working session with the local tourism stakeholders in order to define strategies to attract Chinese travellers. This initiative of the Minister of Tourism and the MTPA has the objective to educate and train the local partners about the specificities of the Chinese tourists.
Friday, 08 November 2013 09:00

Budget Day : Wide Expectations, Narrow Margins Featured

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The Budget 2014 will be read in Parliament, today, Friday 8 November 2013. What used to be a simple accounting exercise for the allocation of funds to different government expenditure programmes has now become an important National Policy Day’ where crucial measures are announced to improve the welfare of the population.
Iqbal Belath served the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Mauritius for more than three years. He is being replaced as from next month by Issa Soormally, a high profile officer of Bramer Bank.
Popularly known as “Maharaj Jee”, His Holiness Acharya Shri Sudarshan Jee Maharaj is a renowned educationist, child psychologist, spiritual guru, preacher and nature lover. His holiness started his earthly abode on 2nd June 1937.
Friday, 01 November 2013 09:00

Mauritian PR acumen internationally applauded

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Public relations is getting tougher in the 21st century as communication moves from conventional media and the internet starts speaking faster and louder to the world. Businesses, having to deal with a more responsive audience, have made PR as one of the major pillars of the organisation. Javed Bolah, a PR professional, is seemingly an extremely busy bee working, travelling and innovating. Let’s see what he’s got to share as we catch him from a proud hover after the Global Brand Excellence Award 2013.

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