29 August 2015
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Friday, 06 December 2013 15:09

Goodbye to Nelson Mandela

Very rarely in our lifetimes can we say we have shared a bond with someone we have not met. Over the course of history, legendary figures such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King and John F Kennedy have emerged as powerful political and humanitarian figures whose lives are celebrated and studied long after their death.
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SOUTH AFRICAN reporters from famous publications including the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) were recently in Mauritius in the wake of the reintroduction of the flight Durban-Mauritius flight. While interviewing the Minister of Tourism and leisure, reporters brought up aspects of the destination such as its attractions, the promotion of the two countries and investment opportunities.
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South Africa and Mauritius have concluded a new double tax agreement (“DTA”) on 17 May 2013. Depending on how quickly the final processes can be implemented, the new DTA may come into effect as soon as 1 January 2014. We summarise below some of the key features of the new treaty.
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South Africa is today a major trade and economic partner of Mauritius, with South Africans investing heavily in various sectors of the economy such as banking and finance, retail, ICT, real estate, manufacturing, agribusiness, logistics, among others.
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The Seychelles President, Mr James Michel welcomed President Jacob Zuma of South Africa early on Wednesday morning on the latter’s arrival at Seychelles International Airport.
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The IOR-ARC was founded in 1997 and came into being thanks to a joint initiative of South Africa, India, Australia and Mauritius.
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Contacted by News on Sunday, Dr Meenowa, Principal Veterinary Officer of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security, confirmed that there is no danger of any outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Mauritius and all the necessary precautions are being taken. “There has been mutual dialogue between us and South African veterinary authorities since the outbreak there to make sure everything is under control. There has been constant surveillance on infected cattle and the regions most at risk,” he stated.
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