21 August 2014
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News On Sunday

News On Sunday

Productivity is achieving more with less. Is there a risk of redundancies if an organisation finds out it can produce the same output or more but with less employees?
A full day workshop organised by the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) last Wednesday, at the Trianon Convention Centre, saw the participation of Professor Robert S. Kaplan and Professor Marwin Bower. The workshop initiated all participants to the notion of Balanced Scorecard and taught them about developing strategies and how to materialise them, so as to compete in a global market and eventually sustain businesses.
Friday, 15 August 2014 14:00

New award for BAI

BAI has been conferred the ‘Brand Revitalisation Award’ at the 23rd annual event of the Global Brand Excellence Awards 2014. Organised by the World Brand Congress, the award ceremony took place at the Pan-Pacific Hotel, Singapore, and attracted global brand specialists. Nominations were evaluated by an international jury composed of experts in the field of branding, advertising, marketing and communication.
Today it is increasingly recognised that tremendous changes and innovation are happening in business, technology and medical sectors which are both dynamic and challenging.
The traditional university, with twenty or more students, listening raptly to the professor, is viewed more and more as a barrier to higher education.
Dressed in his white striped shirt and black pants, Riyaad, 33, will take you up in the air. Currently living in South Africa, he is a passionate young man who wants to live his life to the full and fulfill his dreams. News On Sunday meets this young Mauritian pilot.
The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) lost his case against singer Nitish Joganah contesting the latter’s acquittal, after he was sued for the offence of possession of cannabis for the purpose of selling. In a judgment delivered  last week, the appeal Bench consisting of Justices Saheeda Peeroo and Nirmala  Devat has upheld the ruling of the Intermediate Court dismissing the information.
Top FM Ltd lost its case against the journalist-presenter, Louis Aldo David Desmarais, sued for breach of contract. In a ruling delivered last week, the Intermediate Civil Court, having on the bench Magistrate Maryse Panglose-Cala, has refused to accede to the demand of private radio Top FM that the defendant should refund the Rs 150,000 representing the cost of his training and Rs 200,000 as damages after he left this radio station to go and work for a rival one, Radio One for some months.
Friday, 15 August 2014 14:00

Sugar cane crop 2014

Harvest has not covered extensive areas yet, with only about 20% of miller planters’ land. Nevertheless, the better cane productivity recorded this year since the start of the harvest season is maintaining itself.
I was deeply saddened to learn of the demise of my long time dear friend and ‘brother’, Jagdeesh Goop Fokeer or simply “Jack”, as he was known to me and his c;ose friends, that occurred a few weeks back.
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