28 August 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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DR JACK KEEL: Did you check your blood pressure this morning?
MR HIDING: Why? The fact that you’re a doctor doesn’t warrant that you should be enquiring about the health of everybody.
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DR JACK KEEL: The Prime Minister was in a funny mood the other day.
MR HIDING: The PM can be very funny at times.
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DR JACK KEEL: Are you among those who think that Bérenger has staged a master show with his sickness?
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DR JACK KEEL: Have you been following the football competition currently being held in South Africa?
MR HIDING: As you know, I have never really been a football fan. Whatever happens in the football world leaves me totally indifferent. And you?
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DR JACK KEEL: You didn’t attend the PBD?
What’s the PBD?
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DR JACK KEEL: What did good old Santa give you?
MR HIDING: He forgot to call at my place.
DR JACK KEEL: How sad!
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DR JACK KEEL: It was the Day for AIDS prevention recently.
MR HIDING: These special days come and go, yet nothing, if at all, happens.
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Friday, 07 December 2012 13:13

Dr Jack Keel and Mr Hiding - NICE indeed!

DR JACK KEEL: That’s a nice programme they are initiating!
MR HIDING: Nice? Isn’t everything nice down here? The local elections are being held with a delay of just a couple of years; the PRB report has been published and is now due for a complete overhaul; the New Year festivities are already on pending the famous 13th month bonus. Everything is nice indeed.
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DR JACK KEEL: It’s the high season for publicity again.
MR HIDING: It’s the same thing at the approach of all festivities.
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DR JACK KEEL: International Children’s Day went as it came, without anybody noticing.
MR HIDING: You mean, nobody cared to notice, as usual.
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