28 August 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Jugdeo Mungra has been successful a second time in his dispute with Vassiny Anacootee concerning the occupation of a portion of land of 5,000 square metres situated at Beau Songes.
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The Appeal Court, having on the bench the Senior Puisne Judge, Keshoe Parsad Matadeen, and Justice Prithiviraj Fekna, has allowed the five appeals lodged by Nurjandoa & Ramchurn Enterprise Ltd contesting the fines, three times the value of the VAT due, imposed by the Intermediate Court in five separate appeals.
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Justices Eddy Balancy and Ashraf Caunhye sitting on appeal have withheld last week the judgment of the Intermediate Court dismissing the two counts of information against businessman Raffick Peermamode.
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