30 January 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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In response to the global energy crisis in 2007, Government became fully conscious of the importance of promoting renewable energy and sustainable development for the wellbeing of its citizens. As such, in 2008, the Prime Minister, Dr  Navin Ramgoolam announced the Maurice Ile Durable (MID) concept, as being the new long term vision for making Mauritius a sustainable island. The scientist Joël de Rosnay brought his expertise and his extensive international experience for the realisation of this ambitious project.
Friday, 08 March 2013 13:22

Economic development since independence

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Despite the many challenges that Mauritius faced after gaining independence, it managed to achieve a stellar progress in infrastructural development. It developed from a low-income, agriculturally based economy to a middle-income diversified economy with growing industrial, financial, and tourist sectors.
Saint Julien like its counterpart a few kilometres away triggers the same sensation and curiosity in visitors and tourists whetting their desire to know about the diverse things existing there. It is a linear village stretching over a few kilometres with expansion and new houses coming up the village is developping in depth. Sugar cane fields and fallow lands are brought under development and are being developed in depth.
There are two villages of the same name and they lend themselves to confusion for many can hardly differentiate unless each is put in its proper perspective. News on Sunday focuses on Saint Julien village comfortably lying between Caradec and Constance la Gaité in the district of Flacq.
Friday, 01 March 2013 13:10

Web site visibility by SEOs

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`SEO’-Search Engine Optimisation is an important tool in the world of IT. We have come across it many times, but has our mind ever pondered over the extent it can be useful in our daily life and our working environment?
Friday, 22 February 2013 13:37

Slow Internet connection due to Google

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The career paths for computer-oriented professions are very positive and it is said to be very demanding in the future in the local market. The actual situation clearly projects that employment in computer fields will grow at a faster rate than in other occupations over the coming years.
Friday, 22 February 2013 13:15

La Porte and Camp Raffia – Healthy and unspoilt environment Featured

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La Porte – Providence is a small village of around eleven hundred souls eking out a living from plantation of sugar canes, vegetables and flowers and even fishing as the nearest seaside is not too far. Many of them work as labourers and diverse jobs: drivers, teachers, merchants and planters.
Two weeks ago, we took readers for a stroll in Hermitage in Flacq pointing out in the same breath of the existence of two other villages of the same name.
Friday, 15 February 2013 12:00

What we all scream for Ice Cream

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Errand-running ragged around Port-Louis, you are on the lookout for it. It gives an energy boost. It is the perfect pick-me-up when you are studying and cool you off in the summer heat. It is perfect for a little afternoon snack or for a special occasion.
Friday, 01 February 2013 14:20

Feel that Touch Screen Keyboard !

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The common regret that users have had after switching to touch screen phones is probably the lack of tactile keys. Tactus Technology now brings to you the Tactus Tactile Layer Technology for your touch screens. Feel the tactile keys again!
Friday, 01 February 2013 13:55

Hermitage – A stroll in these villages

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There are two villages called Hermitage, one is found in Moka District, near Dagotiere and BelleTerre. The other one is a small cosy village located not far from Central Flacq and only three kilometres from Poste de Flacq. This week, Discover will take its dear readers for a stroll in Hermitage, Flacq and the neighbourhood
Friday, 25 January 2013 12:00

Flexible, versatile stand for iPad

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Tablet users everywhere have unique methods to display their devices. Some people invest in super fancy and pretty stands. Some use a more simplistic stand.