28 August 2015
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Friday, 18 January 2013 12:53

Isidore Rose – Goodness personified personified

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Goodness is not in the heart only but everywhere and  goodness in the village is fantastic ,the trademark of all rural areas hidden in the midst of nature. Isidore Rose amply justifies the above statement because there are a few people who have laboured for the villagers could easily travel to their destination and back thanks to the late Hon. Ackbar Gujadhur who caused the setting up of a platform along the railway line at Argy.
The Badal and Fullee family owning tobacco bannes and sawmill employed many people. Mr Megnath Sunmukhya has chosen a different path for the same purpose .It may be said that he has followed in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi who had awakened the poor to the needs of education ,the only medium for salvation.

The latter,the manager of Modern College in Flacq has been conferred an OSK for services rendered in the field of education. He has revolutionized the concept of education by starting a college in Flacq. thus meeting the needs of students of mixed abilities and mostly of those coming from poor and low income groups. He has provided several facilities such as free extension classes ,free tuition to needy students ,.Besides he had been one of the pioneers involved in the writing of textbooks in Maths and Accounts for students.

Mr Hurryduth Sunmukhya has had constructed one of the two temples at his own cost. His devotion and dedication extend to serving pilgrims to G.Bassin refreshments, tea, coffee or fruits. The Lochuns’ contribution, too, is immense.
Isidore Rose  lies off the the historical chemin des hollandais ,the main road annexing Trou d’Eau   Douce to Central Flacq.It also stands between Camp Ythier and Argy and taxis ensure regular services .

Thus the inhabitants travel easily to their destinations and back. The village owes its name to Charles Mathieu Isidore Decaen , the last French governor who handed over the island to the British in 1810..It is a small village with a population of around 1500 inhabitants ,mostly of hindu faith. They live a friendly and harmonious life..They value greatly the sense of community in a positive manner .There exists the kind of neighbourliness where everyone knows each other. There are two temples that see to the spirituality and cultural development of the villagers by organizing ceremonies and functions.

The village  reckons a Hare Rama Hare Krishna organization that runs twice weekly evening classes on Bhagavad Gita and  a Ramayan Mandali that delves in social activities like ramayan chanting and other related functions.  A private fee paying kinder garden dispenses classes for the kids, a community centre provides recreational  educational and health facilities. to all age groups. Carrom, badminton ,table tennis and other indoor games are catered for. There is a volley ball pitch close to the community centre.

In the afternoon and on Sundays the village exhibits a very lively and enlightened  atmosphere with the young playing the games of their choice .The village also posts a beauty parlour that caters for the needs of men and mostly ladies whenever they have to attend a wedding or anniversary helping them to appear at their best. The hardware shop ,the chemical shop  provide the farmers ,the planters ,and the vegetable growers with pesticides ,insecticides and other relevant needs .

Isidore  Rose is really  a gem  It is very beautiful ,truly very quiet, and close to several five-star hotels like Prince Maurice . The main road is bordered with rows of gorgeous flowers on both sides…It is mostly covered with sugarcane fields ,tobacco plantation  and a variety of vegetables and whole gamut of fruits .It is a real visual delight, strolling along the road and the alleys enjoying the  different lovely and magnificent views in the vicinity and the far distance ..The barnes smoking with thin serpentine line rising in the clear blue sky  as they dry the freshly plucked tobacco leaves.

The women with big baskets swaying or swinging down their back plucking the leaves in a rhyming or rhythmic movement all  together is a real treat to the eyes. The lavishly  green vegetables  present a  beautiful and splendid sight pending the weather , watching the planters either planting or harvesting appear like a tapestry of paintings that one is never tired of admiring.

Isidore Rose by its very name conveys an exotic and romantic picture for  it evokes emotions associated with love stories dating back to the days of Paul et Virginie .There is a sort of magic and magnet that pulls and influences the trekker or visitor towards it .The trekker or visitor coming from Bel Air and catching sight of the sign indicating Isidore Rose is not disappointed,.. As soon as he turns round  the natural beauty and flowery landscape captivates the  visitor and  forces him to explore the area.

The junction unfolds  a small white bridge spanning over a small  clean canal that flows calmly, serenely, and placidly. It is nature at its most and an exploration of the village cannot be helped. No bus passers by .It is a blessing in disguise. It offers the opportunity to walk along an d discover the little things, the flowers ,the fruits ,the fauna and the flora that make the countryside so sweet. A walk preferably in the company of a friend might prove most useful and beneficial for there is somuch to see and do .There is a catalogue of activities that unfold themselves as the journey proceeds. It is a most enjoyable journey if one goes with the right mood for nature never lets down its votaries.

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