31 January 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Jameela Jaddoo

Jameela Jaddoo

Friday, 30 January 2015 14:00

Busy year for the ESU

Students, get ready for fun and learning activities organised by the ESU. As in 2014, the English Speaking Union is coming with loads of activities for 2015.
“The greatest glory of living lies in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” (Nelson Mandela).  These words from one of the world’s greatest personality inspired the Triolet SSS Boys student, Luciano Azor, to strive as hard as he can on his path to success. Coming from a low income family, young Luciano is a true role model for all Mauritian students.
Fresh, natural and funny, her acting talent transpires through the TV screen.  A bank officer, Neelam Ramsorrun left her desk for one day to join the shooting set of the famous Mauritian TV show ‘Crazy TV’. Playing the role of a young married woman in the sitcom ‘ene boug ene 35’, Neelam tells us about her amazing experience.
Friday, 23 January 2015 13:59

American cupcake shop : Sugarush launched

The first American cupcake shop of Mauritius officially opened its doors to the public on Thursday 15 January. Sugarush at Curepipe proposes a variety of cupcakes, cookies, cheese cake balls, cake pops with unique and tasty flavours. Indulge, it’s worth the rush.
When shopping for home appliances and gadgets, consumers tend to focus more on price, trade mark or the quality of the product rather than the guarantee offered on it. Guarantee may not seem to be a prime factor for many but when damage occurs, guarantee plays an importance role. Are Mauritian consumers well informed about the significance of guarantee and their rights?
Friday, 16 January 2015 14:00

Vegetable consumption : Escalating prices

The production and consumption of vegetables face increasingly difficult situations. As a result of the recent heavy rains and high temperatures, not only the prices rose but the plantations were greatly affected. With the coming of cyclone ‘Bansi’, the “tente bazaar” will suffer more in the coming weeks.
Founded in 1999 by Krish Hardowar, Vertical World Ltd specialises in three distinct fields of activities, namely Outdoor Adventure day trips or multiple day activities, Groups and Incentive and Access and Rescue. Until Sunday 11 January 2015, Mauritian youths and the public in general can enjoy amazing activities.
The tourism sector has suffered quite a lot in 2014. Although the number of tourist arrivals for the first nine months (January to September) of 2014 increased by 4.5% to reach 725,623, Mauritius ended the year with less than 1,040,000 visitors.
Thursday, 25 December 2014 14:00

World Best Belly Dance Competition

Since the beginning of December, Mauritius has entered into a festive end of year mood. Everywhere, festivities have been held, to the great pleasure of the public, and especially kids. News on Sunday compiles for you some of the events.
“Summer has been very active since the beginning of November where we have exceeded the average of rain by 109 percent and by 125 percent for this period of December.
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