02 September 2015
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Friday, 03 October 2014 14:00

Exams behind the doors

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In the context of the coming examinations for CPE, Form III National Examination, SC and HSC, News on Sunday finds out how students are getting prepared.
Friday, 26 September 2014 14:00

Dealing with pressure at school

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A school is a place to learn, to build character, to develop critical thinking, to live the best moments of your lives and to make friends. However for some students, school turns out to be a ‘prison’. A place of torment where they have to bear the pressure from educators, attitudes, ill-treatment, strict rules and regulations. News on Sunday talked to some students to know how they perceive the school institution and whether they feel they are under an intolerable pressure.
Friday, 26 September 2014 14:00

Royal College of Curepipe wins 2014 Omnicane Award

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The Royal College Curepipe is the winner of the 2014 Omnicane Award. The theme this year was “How would Mauritius as a Small Island Developing State reconcile its economic development goals and environmental imperatives?”
Friday, 26 September 2014 14:00

Mentorship at Ste Marie College

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The Students of Lower and Upper Six of the Ste Marie College, Pierrefonds were awarded a certificate of participation in a workshop organised and mentored by Ravin S. Papiah. The latter,  a Founder Partner, and a Certified Coach, Mentor and Speaker of the John Maxwell Team, conducted the workshop over ten weeks during their Enrichment Class periods on the subject of ‘Putting your dream to the test”, based on the book of the same title, by Dr John C. Maxwell.
There is a decline in the study of Asian languages in school, with fewer students taking an interest these languages. Formerly known as oriental languages, Asian languages include hindi, urdu, tamil, telugu, mandarin, Marathi, etc. Nowadays, students tend to opt for Asian languages simply to secure better grades, in order to improve their overall results.
Friday, 05 September 2014 14:00

Open Day at Cosmopolitan College (Boys)

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Cosmopolitan College (Boys) at Plaine des Papayes organised a grand open day on Friday 29 August. Parents and teachers were invited to view the good performances of mainly Lower Six and Upper Six students. Students of lower forms as well as former students of the college were also welcomed to attend.
Friday, 29 August 2014 14:00

Preparing for third term exams

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In six week’s time, the exams season will kick off. While most educators have already completed the syllabus in the second semester, the third semester focuses on revision work and exams preparation. News On Sunday talks to professionals in the field for their advice to students.
YK business School, which operates under the aegis of MANCOSA, celebrated its first graduation ceremony in Mauritius last Saturday. Ever since its launch in 2002, all its graduation ceremonies have taken place in South Africa.  This year, the institution has hosted the event at the Paul Octave Wiehé Auditorium at Réduit with 241 students graduating.
Friday, 22 August 2014 13:59

Our youth : A tragedy of depression and phobias  Featured

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Adolescence is a period of dramatic and drastic changes. The journey from childhood to adulthood can be complex and challenging. On 12 August, the world celebrated the International Youth Day and this year, the theme was “youth and mental health.” The young often experience stigma and discrimination which undoubtedly has a negative impact on their growth. News On Sunday explores this reality in Mauritius.
In the context of the International Youth Day celebrations, Smart Mauritius is pleased to organise a Youth Festival on Sunday 17 August. On that day, three different activities will take place, namely a Youth Rally, a Mobile Art Exhibition and Youth Festival.
In just 13 years, the enrolment rate of Mauritian students in tertiary institutions has increased four-fold. The presence of post-secondary institutions and universities (public and private), higher intake in institutions, the availability of part-time and distance education programmes, the delocalisation of campuses, and financial aids among others have boosted the sector.
Friday, 08 August 2014 14:00

University of Technology Mauritius

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University of Technology Mauritius is a relatively new University. Founded in 2000 by an Act of the National Assembly, it started operations the following year with a modest number of students in a two-state infrastructure inherited from former institutions and two schools in operation. Over these past few years, the University has grown and has gained a significant place in the landscape of higher education in Mauritius.