06 March 2015
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Friday, 22 August 2014 13:59

Our youth : A tragedy of depression and phobias  Featured

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Adolescence is a period of dramatic and drastic changes. The journey from childhood to adulthood can be complex and challenging. On 12 August, the world celebrated the International Youth Day and this year, the theme was “youth and mental health.” The young often experience stigma and discrimination which undoubtedly has a negative impact on their growth. News On Sunday explores this reality in Mauritius.
In the context of the International Youth Day celebrations, Smart Mauritius is pleased to organise a Youth Festival on Sunday 17 August. On that day, three different activities will take place, namely a Youth Rally, a Mobile Art Exhibition and Youth Festival.
In just 13 years, the enrolment rate of Mauritian students in tertiary institutions has increased four-fold. The presence of post-secondary institutions and universities (public and private), higher intake in institutions, the availability of part-time and distance education programmes, the delocalisation of campuses, and financial aids among others have boosted the sector.
Friday, 08 August 2014 14:00

University of Technology Mauritius

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University of Technology Mauritius is a relatively new University. Founded in 2000 by an Act of the National Assembly, it started operations the following year with a modest number of students in a two-state infrastructure inherited from former institutions and two schools in operation. Over these past few years, the University has grown and has gained a significant place in the landscape of higher education in Mauritius.
A new academic year unfolds at the University of Mauritius this Monday. With 4,300 new entrants, the student population goes beyond 12,000. In a bid to familiarize the newcomers, the Students’ Union, in collaboration with the University, organised an Induction Week for them.
Dr Maurice Curé State College is considered as the second-best girl’s college of the country. Its academic achievement, however, often overshadows the success of DMC girls in fields other than academic. From health to football through the environment, gymnastics, hula-hoop, zumba, and debate competitions, the girls are constantly showing their talent.
While week after week cases of indiscipline and violence among school-going children are being highlighted in the media, the Ministry of Education maintains the opposite. The problem is societal, points out the Education Minister.
Thanks to its variety of educational opportunities, flexibility, cutting-edge technology and breadth of content of the curriculum, the United States is the No 1 study destination for international students.
What a better way than a poetry slam to kindle interest of our slave ancestors’ fight for freedom among our students? A large number of schools participated in Konkour Slam but only 17 made it to the finals which were held on Monday in the auditorium of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute.  
One of the most prestigious secondary schools in Mauritius, the Royal College of Port Louis, located in Cassis, recently celebrated its 85th year of existence. Throughout the years, it has produced some of the best students of the country.
The Ministry of Education wants to send a strong signal to all stakeholders that henceforth indiscipline and absenteeism would not be tolerated. In this regard, officials of the Ministry will carry out inspections in schools, a dedicated desk to monitor attendance will be set-up and bad track record of attendance will appear in the student’s leaving certificate.
With the objective of creating global understanding through the use of the English language, the English Speak Union organised two activities in Rodrigues during the month of June.