31 August 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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A new academic year unfolds at the University of Mauritius this Monday. With 4,300 new entrants, the student population goes beyond 12,000. In a bid to familiarize the newcomers, the Students’ Union, in collaboration with the University, organised an Induction Week for them.
Dr Maurice Curé State College is considered as the second-best girl’s college of the country. Its academic achievement, however, often overshadows the success of DMC girls in fields other than academic. From health to football through the environment, gymnastics, hula-hoop, zumba, and debate competitions, the girls are constantly showing their talent.
While week after week cases of indiscipline and violence among school-going children are being highlighted in the media, the Ministry of Education maintains the opposite. The problem is societal, points out the Education Minister.
Thanks to its variety of educational opportunities, flexibility, cutting-edge technology and breadth of content of the curriculum, the United States is the No 1 study destination for international students.
What a better way than a poetry slam to kindle interest of our slave ancestors’ fight for freedom among our students? A large number of schools participated in Konkour Slam but only 17 made it to the finals which were held on Monday in the auditorium of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute.  
One of the most prestigious secondary schools in Mauritius, the Royal College of Port Louis, located in Cassis, recently celebrated its 85th year of existence. Throughout the years, it has produced some of the best students of the country.
The Ministry of Education wants to send a strong signal to all stakeholders that henceforth indiscipline and absenteeism would not be tolerated. In this regard, officials of the Ministry will carry out inspections in schools, a dedicated desk to monitor attendance will be set-up and bad track record of attendance will appear in the student’s leaving certificate.
With the objective of creating global understanding through the use of the English language, the English Speak Union organised two activities in Rodrigues during the month of June.
Friday, 04 July 2014 14:00

Distribution of tablet PCs to students

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The Ministry is in the process of finalizing arrangements for the distribution of tablet PCs to students. By June 5, all tablet PCs are scheduled to be distributed to all schools and on June 6, students who are duly registered in the online system and who have contributed Rs 650 or are on SRM-CA list will receive their tablets.
Lycée La Bourdonnais in Forest Side held the farewell ceremony of 129 of its graduating students last Thursday. After three years, the institution which follows the French national education system had all of its candidates receiving the baccalaureate, with four of them receiving the Jury’s Congratulations.
The PC tablets distributed to Form V students have safety barriers which block access to websites other than educational purposes.
Love, friendship, kindness, justice, devotion and self-discipline are at the heart of the school community of Loreto College of Rose Hill. Working towards the integral development of students and sharpening their sense of discernment, the college enables each student to flourish. Loreto College truly believes in making the school a place where students take pleasure in studying while respecting their environment.