28 August 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Friday, 14 March 2014 14:00

D.A.V College : Love, respect and Success!

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It is 12:30 - lunch time. I step through the front gate and immediately the brouhaha of laughter and cheer of the midday break assails me.
Four Mauritians will be going to the United States this month to participate in the Pan-African Youth Leadership Program. Along with youngsters from seven other African countries, our representatives will get the chance to visit Washington DC, Chicago, and Portland during the three-week program.
British universities are among the most favourite study destinations of Mauritian students since a UK qualification makes them highly employable. However, according to British Deputy High Commissioner Sharon Taylor, Mauritians tend to choose universities mostly in the South-East region and London while few applications are made to famous universities like the University of St Andrews in Scotland.
For several years, youth unemployment has been constantly on the rise. More so, unemployment among undergraduates is growing. However, the situation is not alarming, says François de Grivel, Chairman of the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD).
It is regarded as one of the highly-desired secondary school for girls in the North region. However, as its motto suggests - to make thinkers out of learners - the school is not all about academic. Its students have found the formula to juggle between their studies and extracurricular activities masterfully. Discover the girls of Droopnath Ramphul State College (DRSC) who shares with us their ambitions in life.
Friday, 21 February 2014 14:00

New courses in agriculture but more scope in ICT

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Agribusiness is indeed high on the government’s agenda. Lately, the sector has known innovations such as rice and wheat cultivation and hitech farming is a future area of growth.
Our small island has been shaken, these past few weeks, by blasting news of a series of shocking murders. Seemingly perfect couples and spouses have turned their love stories into deadly affairs.
The press conference held by the Minister of Education on Tuesday and Wednesday clarified several projects announced earlier for the education sector in Mauritius. The nine-year schooling project planned for 2017 seems to have been postponed at a much later stage while the Enhancement Programme comes to the forefront once again.
for the second time, the Mauritian Government will be offering 24 additional scholarships to Higher School Certificate (HSC) candidates based on their academic performance and social background. Suitably-qualified students who have sat for the HSC in October/November 2013 have up to February 28 to submit their application.
Friday, 07 February 2014 14:00

Laureates : A family affair

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Academic success is often a family affair in Mauritius. For the Higher School Certificate (HSC) 2013, several laureates come from a family of former laureates. Shakeelah Aisha, laureate in Economics Side from the Queen Elizabeth College (QEC) is not the first laureate of the Golam Hossen family. In 2008, her sister Shahanah was proclaimed laureate in the same field from QEC as well.
The results of the School Certificate (SC) came out on Monday. The 2013 cohort registered a percentage pass of 74.98% compared to 75.74% in 2012. Nine colleges scored 100% and 237 students obtained aggregate 6.
The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Mauritius held its third Career Fair over two and a half days last week. According to statistics and studies, by 2015, some 3,000 additional professionals with ACCA qualification will be required in Mauritius.