04 September 2015
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Friday, 11 January 2013 12:00

Bridging Education with needy children

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The third Edition of Bridging Education with Needy Children - Book Donation was held on January 5, 2013 at Sharma Jugdambi S.S.S Gymnasium, Goodlands. Bridging Education with Needy Children, organised by Creative Feelings in collaboration with Hope & Home and volunteers from different regions of the island was a great success.
Bridging Education with Needy Children is a Programme aimed at positively transforming the lives of needy children to become good citizens of Mauritius. The initiative is voluntary, apolitical and non-profit to provide educational and related support to the children of the poorest of poor families in Mauritius.

The team is pleased to have supported 26 children in the year 2011, 36 children in 2012, and 76 needy children in 2013 to start and continue a new education life and career path. Needy students are from different parts of Mauritius. The NGO has a representative in several villages and they help to identify needy children.

Nishal Purbhoo, National Coordinator, is assisted by a great team of young and dynamic volunteers from Creative Feelings Club, Hope & Home and volunteers from different regions of Mauritius. The Programme is sponsored by BlueSky Vacations (Shiv Seechurn) and Binoy Luckoo fromCanada, Friends Bookshop, Cloud 7, Anand Bahadoor, Anishta Napaul, Navin Langur, and Ajay Ramphul. The key volunteers are Purbhoo Soonita, Sahai Biswamithrai, Mohabirsingh Meetradeo, Ramah Shiv, Rounal Jeebun, Keshav Doorga, Yash Ramchurn, Moheeputh Ankit. These volunteers try their best to counsel and motivate the children and their family to become better citizens.  Book Donation is an annual ongoing activity to support non-privileged students who are capable of continuing secondary education and build a career path.
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