30 August 2015
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Friday, 25 January 2013 12:00

Studying in Malaysia

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Studying in Malaysia has become the new trend. Malaysia is an education hub where 100,000 international students from more than 158 different countries are currently studying, including an increasing number of students from Mauritius.
The reasons for this convergence towards Malaysia for higher education are simple. Many prestigious universities have opened their campuses in Malaysia giving students a cheaper option to get an Australian or British degree entirely in Malaysia. Universities from Australia, Canada, France, Switzerland, UK and USA have partnered with different top Malaysian universities to run their programmes entirely in Malaysia. Thus, the cost of living is significantly cheaper while the degree is awarded by the foreign university.

According to Fadil Ruhomutally, Director of Malaysia Education Co. Ltd, there are various reasons why a student would choose Malaysia.

“First of all, universities in Malaysia offer internationally recognized programmes with world class facilities. Second, the cost of living in Malaysia is much lower compared to most of other education markets including Australia, UK, USA and Singapore. Students can afford to enjoy an exciting lifestyle. Also, it is an affordable option overseas to get a prestigious Australian, American, Canadian, British, French or Swiss degree,” explains Fadil Ruhomutally.
He adds that the quality of education is constantly monitored by the Malaysian government and foreign partner universities to maintain high standard of education.

Studying in Malaysia comprises other facilities. To start with, Malaysia is a modern and vibrant country full of entertainment. Food is available everywhere and is cheaper than in Mauritius. Since there are a high number of international students studying in Malaysia, it gives Mauritian students the chance to make friends with students from all over the world and learn other cultures. For those who like to travel and visit new places, travelling in Malaysia and to neighbouring countries by coach or by air are very affordable.

Moreover, Malaysia is a politically stable country. The tropical climate is warm and humid throughout the year without any severe weather changes. Malaysia is also geographically safe from major natural disasters as it is positioned in a natural catastrophe-free zone.

The cost of living (accommodation, food, phone calls, Internet, laundry, leisure) can vary from Rs 14,000 to Rs 15,000 per month, which is much cheaper than in Europe or Australia and other countries.

Cost of studying in Malaysia
Studying in Malaysia can vary from Rs 180,000 to Rs 350,000 per year, depending on the field of study and whether it is a British, American or Australian degree in Malaysia or a degree from a branch campus of these universities. For instance, a degree in the business field which is over a period of three years can vary from Rs 180,000 to Rs 280,000 per year; an engineering degree over a period of four years can cost Rs 150,000 to Rs 350,000 per year; while a science degree can range from Rs 215,000 to Rs 325,000.

University fees for a British University Branch Campus:
Rs 280,000/year. University fees for a British degree through a Malaysian university: Rs 195,000/year

University fees for a British University Branch Campus:
Rs 335,000/year. University fees for a British degree through a Malaysian university: 150,000/year
University fees for a British University Branch Campus:
Rs 325,000/year. University fees for a British degree through a Malaysian university: Rs 215,000/year

10% - 100% scholarship is available in Malaysia. Student with AAA - ABB are eligible for scholarship. Students with BBC can still get scholarship for business, IT and tourism programmes. 100% can be considered for students with A in all subjects in SC, A*A*A* in HSC.
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