20 April 2014
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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The youth is the future of the country and hopes to build a better Mauritius lie with them only. With this in mind, the second edition of the National Institute for Citizenship Education (NICE) was officially launched in the four educational zones on Monday. Over a period of ten days, some 400 youth will be empowered to become responsible and active citizens.
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Friday, 15 March 2013 11:44

Celebration in schools

The 45th and 21st anniversary of Mauritius Independence Day and Republic Day were celebrated in all educational institutions of the country on March 11.
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The government believes that civic education for youngsters is important, especially in a plural society. In this regard, an innovative programme aimed at nurturing responsible and better citizens has been initiated for 200 college students for two weeks.
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L’éducation civique, estime le gouvernement, est très importante. Ainsi, pendant deux semaines, 200 jeunes de 15 ans seront formés pour devenir des citoyens responsables.
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Friday, 07 December 2012 13:13

Dr Jack Keel and Mr Hiding - NICE indeed!

DR JACK KEEL: That’s a nice programme they are initiating!
MR HIDING: Nice? Isn’t everything nice down here? The local elections are being held with a delay of just a couple of years; the PRB report has been published and is now due for a complete overhaul; the New Year festivities are already on pending the famous 13th month bonus. Everything is nice indeed.
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Thursday, 06 December 2012 11:22

Inculquer le civisme aux collégiens

Préparer les jeunes à être de bons citoyens. Pour cela, l’accent est mis sur l’éducation civique à travers le National Institute for Civic Education (NICE), un projet pilot qui touchera quelque 200 étudiants de 16 ans.
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Découverte macabre, jeudi, à Lucéram, dans la région niçoise, en France. Sabrina Parisi, une jeune étudiante, âgée de 17 ans, a été froidement égorgée par un certain Teddy, âgé de 24 ans.
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La Mauritius Fishermen Cooperative Federation (MFCF), la Commission de l'océan Indien (COI) et le ministère des Coopératives s'associent afin d'optimiser les revenus des pê­cheurs du pays ainsi que la qualité des poissons mis en vente.
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