01 July 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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News On Sunday

News On Sunday

Private clinic Fortis Darne has appointed Unnati Negi as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO). A healthcare professional with over 20 years experience, she has held significant positions in India and other countries.
Mauritius has assured India it will not allow shell companies to operate from its soil and with a few exceptions, there were only clean investments from the island nation.
India and Mauritius will start technical negotiations on amending the double taxation avoidance agreement at the end of this month. Mauritius has already submitted a draft protocol.
Friday, 26 June 2015 14:00

New scheme to replace IRS/RES

The much awaited Property Development Scheme (PDS) is now official. This new scheme replaces the Integrated Resorts Scheme introduced in 2002 and the Real Estate Scheme of 2007.
Dr Kavi Kumar Khedo is an Associate Professor in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Mauritius. He is carrying out cutting-edge applied research in ICT to improve the life of the citizens of Mauritius. He explains what is social media analytics.
The most important prerequisite for starting any business is finance. In other words, obtaining a loan which as we all know, is not easy. With such an ordeal faced by startups, will Mauritius achieve its objective of becoming a “Nation of Entrepreneurs?” 
Friday, 26 June 2015 14:00

GreenEarth Cleaning concept

Founded since 1962, Thysville Dry Cleaners Ltd is a family-owned business specialised in eco-friendly dry cleaning and pressing, carpet, quilt, blanket, curtains cleaning and laundry services. It introduced the concept of GreenEarth Cleaning.
In an increasingly globalised world, small and medium enterprises have to struggle to survive in the midst of more intense competition from emerging countries. The battle becomes even more daunting with trade liberalisation. Modernisation and innovation are a must for survival. Bakar Lakhi, Director of Afribrains Ltd, offers some tips to entrepreneurs.
Friday, 26 June 2015 14:00

The bloom is off the BRICS

A few years ago, pundits and policymakers were predicting that the BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – would be the new engines of global growth. Naive extrapolation of rapid growth led many people to imagine an ever-brighter future for these economies – and, thanks to them, for the rest of the world as well.
Innovative and creative as he is, Gulshan Balgobin, 32, set up his business in 2012 after analysing different sectors. Meet with a smart business director and entrepreneur.
Are you looking forward to an adrenaline packed fun day? Are you willing to discover the southern part of the island on a quad bike with some like minded friends? Then Big Foot Adventure will satisfy your cravings. 
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