02 September 2014
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Premita Leelachand

Premita Leelachand

As the third term exams are approaching, students have started revising. Karuna Rajiah, psychologist, talks about the state of mind of students gearing up for the end of year exams.
Our law makes provision for the protection of the rights of the accused but what about those of the victims? A roundtable to reflect on the status of victims in Mauritius held at the campus of Réduit on Thursday revealed several flaws regarding their protection while for the handicapped persons, there is no specific legislation yet. But there seems to be hope as Ag Parliamentary Counsel disclosed that the Attorney General’s Office is working on it and soon our law would make provisions for the protection of the rights of handicapped persons. 
It’s on Monday that the Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM) will take the ‘ultimate’ decision whether they will go ahead with an alliance with the Labour Party.
C’est une première à Maurice et dans l’océan Indien. Le Shiv Shakti Mandir de Solférino No 5, à Vacoas, est certifié ISO 9001 :2008, depuis le 7 août 2014. Le temple, dirigé par le Shiv Shakti Sangh, fêtera ses 25 ans l’année prochaine. La certification ISO indique que le temple offre à ses dévots un service conforme aux normes internationales sur divers plans : l’environnement, la sécurité et le socioculturel, entre autres.
C’est le Pay Research Bureau (PRB), en 2016, qui décidera si, oui ou non, les salaires de quelque 3 000 Teachers/Senior Teachers du primaire seront alignés avec ceux du secondaire.
Le ministre de l’Éducation était l’invité du « Grand Journal » sur Radio Plus lundi. Axcel Chenney et Annick Daniella Rivet ont abordé l’éducation de même que l’aspect politique avec Vasant Bunwaree.

L’Inde célèbre vendredi 15 août son 68e anniversaire de l’Indépendance. Une cérémonie de lever du drapeau s’est tenue au Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture (IGCIC) à Phoenix, en présence du haut-commissaire indien à l’île Maurice, Shri Anup Kumar Mudgal.

L’Independent Commission against Corruption (Icac) ne siègera pas sur le comité de transfert des enseignants du primaire.
Friday, 08 August 2014 14:00

Deer Hunting : An affordable sport

Often thought to be a luxurious activity reserved for the elite society, deer hunting is in fact a rather accessible and affordable sport. From June 1 to September 30 every year in Mauritius, deer hunting attracts both tourists and Mauritians looking forward to some thrill. We attended one session of deer hunting in one of the 70 parks in Mauritius and hereunder is our experience as a hunter for three exciting hours.
In just 13 years, the enrolment rate of Mauritian students in tertiary institutions has increased four-fold. The presence of post-secondary institutions and universities (public and private), higher intake in institutions, the availability of part-time and distance education programmes, the delocalisation of campuses, and financial aids among others have boosted the sector.
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