31 August 2015
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Friday, 13 January 2012 16:01

News in brief

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Rose Hill traders satisfied
Members of the Association des Commerçants of Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill are satisfied with the decision of the Supreme Court issued on Tuesday. This is in fact a permanent ruling in favour of the Association demanding the police and the mayor to take action against hawkers operating without a licence.
Hawkers are considered unfair competitors to shops in the city. The president of the Association des Commerçants, Prakash Permal stressed that the battle against the hawkers dates back to 1997. In December 2010, the Supreme Court issued an interlocutory decision requiring the police and the mayor to evacuate all hawkers working illegally and most importantly to implement the 'Regulation 51' of the Government Gazette No. 154 of 2002. Wishing the ruling to be a permanent one, the traders had lodged a case in the Supreme Court, which they finally won. The hawkers of Beau Bassin/Rose-Hill have also in turn initiated legal action against the mayor, the police and the Ministry of Local Government.

Surgery successful for Sir Anerood
Sir Anerood Jugnauth, aged 81, underwent a surgery on Monday morning at around 10 o'clock. His family explains that this surgery was planned and that his health problem is no serious concern. The operation which lasted less than two hours was carried out by the neuprologists Baldersingh Gopal Varma and Hurrydev. According to his family, the President was already in good shape a few hours after the operation and had returned to his room at the clinic Fortis-Darne in Curepipe. On that morning, Sir Anerood Jugnauth had received visits from his son Pravind, leader of the MSM, and Lady Sarojini Jugnauth. The President left the clinic yesterday at 3pm, after spending four days there. In a communiqué issued by his office, his Secretary states that the President is fine.

Enquiry on the MRI at Dr Jeetoo Hospital
The Ministry of Health initiated an investigation to determine the exact causes of the failure of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) device at Dr Jeetoo hospital. It should be noted that this brand new machine broke down only days after its installation. The technicians who worked on its installation attributed this failure to the conditions under which the machine was installed. According to them, the construction works in progress at the hospital at the time of the installation process has damaged the equipment. However, some experts from the Ministry of Health attributes this failure to the insufficient amount of gas in the machine. The volume of helium was only at 62%. Several officers will have to provide due explanations as to the exact circumstances of the failure of the MRI which cost more than Rs 40 million.

Book Loan Scheme
MMM MP Lysie Ribot, also member of the party’s education commission, has proposed that a « book loan scheme » be set up at secondary school level to assist parents who cannot afford new books and stationery for their children. She says that such a scheme should be run by the Ministry of Education for the benefit of state and private college students. School should also be encouraged to put in place a system of collection and exchange of used books.

NTF – a report every three months
The next meeting of the National Tripartite Forum (NTF) has been fixed for January 26. During the meeting held yesterday, presided by the Minister of Labour, it has been decided that a minimum of six committees will be set up. Also, a report will be submitted every three months and will be discussed in the Cabinet. While the Minister of Labour, the Mauritius Employers Federation (MEF) and some trade unionists have expressed satisfaction after the meeting, Reeaz Chuttoo pointed out to the Minister that NTF should be regulated under a Bill. The secretary of the Confédération des Travailleurs du Secteur Privé (CTSP) added that the Confederation will meet on Saturday to decide whether it will participate in the forum or not.
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