27 August 2015
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Friday, 10 August 2012 14:24

Federation PAL-FSM-MAM : A New Hope for Mauritius?

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One of the most significant events in Mauritian Politics in the year 2012 remains until now the formation of the Triumvirate by Luchmeeparsad Ramsahok, Cehl Meeah and Eliézer François.
The Federation PAL-FSM-MAM is the beginning of a new era; it brings new hopes to the Mauritian community, in general, and to the young people, in particular as the majority of Mauritians actually seems baffled and very confused by the on-going zigzagging and acrobatic somersaults of our political leaders, both in government and in the opposition with their constant bickering and mongering for alliances. These political leaders appear to be much more preoccupied with their lust for power and the means, fair or foul, by which they can remain in power.

They are not showing any deep interest in the social and economic problems of the country like youth unemployment, violence, law and order. Some of the social evils that are undermining progress and prosperity can easily be identified: -unsolved crimes, drug trafficking, corruption, favouritism, communalism, casteism, nepotism and political interventions in our government, semi-government and other parastatal bodies. The whole nation, the youths in particular, have lost faith in both the government and the opposition. For them it’s ‘Blanc Bonnet, Bonnet Blanc,’ the ever-green Eliezer Francois, leader of Mouvement Authentique Mauricien told News on Sunday.

“The continuing decline of law and order in the country coupled with violence and uncertainty, have allowed a new political alliance to arise – Federation PAL-FSM-MAM. What all Mauritians are looking for are leaders who can restore law, order and prosperity for the whole nation without any consideration of caste, creed, colour or political affiliations. They want to see a real implementation of the Equal Opportunity Act backed up by a Freedom of Information Act. The Federation PAL-FSM-MAM is determined to fight for social justices for all Mauritians without fear or favour,” he said.

‘A typical example of the breakdown of law and order in the country is Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. The city of Port Louis is like ‘El Paso’, ‘Ville sans Loi.’ All the law -abiding Mauritian citizens, both motorists and pedestrians, condemn the discriminatory, selective and disgraceful way in which most of the Traffic Wardens generally operate. We are all very concerned about the degradation of law and order, due to the failure of the NTA and the Police to take actions against the lawbreakers. And, what appears most disappointing and disgusting to us all, is the double standard policy practised by most Traffic Wardens and some Police Officers.

But unfortunately, neither the Municipality of Port Louis, nor the NTA and the Police are really doing what should be done to tackle the problems of discipline, law and order in Port Louis.  In spite of a Supreme Court order in favour of market traders, the situation around the market and in the city is deteriorating daily.  Trucks and vans are parked illegally all day along at Edith Cavell, Dumas, Chaussée, Farquhar, Louis Pasteur, Corderie, Remy Ollier, Bourbon and Royal Streets, without the owners being questioned or fined. 

Most of the parking Zones reserved for private cars are illegally occupied or obstructed, with the blessing of the Municipality of Port Louis, the NTA and the Police.  The attention of police officers had been drawn on the obstruction caused by some street vendors who operate in the middle of Dr. Perdreau Street which is only a 2 minutes walk from Line Barracks Police Station, but nothing has been done to clear the way for the safety of every Mauritian. 

It appears that some people are benefiting from the protection and blessing of the Municipality of Port Louis, the NTA and the Police to the detriment of the rest of the Mauritian community. Now is the time for the Federation PAL-FSM-MAM to see to it that “Justice should not only be done, but seen to be done.”

Politics of Personal Interest
‘Before yesterday- Remake 2000 MSM-MMM; Yesterday- Reminder 1995 Ptr-MMM and today- Re-Negotiation Remake 2000. In the meantime the ‘Lepep Admirab’ (Admirable People) clap hands and watch the tamasha,’ the leader of Parti Action Liberal, Lutchmeeparsad Ramsahok told this paper.

“May I recall the general public of the political history of Mauritius since 1969: A year after our independence, after bitter fighting between the two major political forces that ended in bloodshed and leaving the ground fertile with hatred, a coalition was put in place under the pressure of estate owners, bankers and big traders and with the blessing of foreign powers, in particular by France. But the damage was done.

Pacific coexistence became a thing of the past. Patriotism has never been at the basis of the ideological struggle of the political leaders of the time. Ramgoolam was already an old man who was in a hurry to become prime minister and his opponent, Gaetan Duval was acting like Ali Jinnah during the fight for independence in India- After having served the white Sahib we do not want to serve the brown Sahib. Non Hindus were fierce at not accepting a Hindu-majority government. Both leaders failed to create a nation where patriotism was to flourish. No political party until today- the Labour party, the PMSD, the MMM or the MSM, worked for the consolidation of a rainbow nation.

Even though class struggle was the main issue of political leaders (excluding those of the PMSD) before independence, thereafter, their fight was more for personal gains and self promotion. After 1976 general elections the Labour party forgot its class struggle where workers plight was at the centre of all political manoeuvres, to plunge itself into a caste struggle. Socio cultural groups were promoted and secretly financed to back those divisionists within the Labour party, while the PMSD leader publicly proclaimed himself ‘King Creole.’

The Labour party lost the general elections in 1976 but was saved by the PMSD. Since then the majority ethnic group always go to the polls joined, either before or after, by a party who is coined as the ‘5 sous manqué pour faire Ene Roupie’( 5 cents less to make a Rupee) with each one having as main agents leaders of religious groups.

With the Hindu leaders showing themselves as a scarecrow frightening the general population to keep in power, the people was divided into main ethnic groups fighting for personal gains thus creating a new creed of ‘roder boutt’ (boot lickers) with on one side the wealthy pulling the strings to have their favourites remaining or getting into power and on the other with lobbyists of all sorts looking for favours. It is no secret that the amount fixed by the Electoral Commission is always overspent with millions of rupees during elections.

Since 1969 there has been no nation building, no patriotism inculcated and love for one’s neighbour- the recent blasphemous comments on Facebook is a glaring example of the most despicable failure of politicians to bring the people to live in pacific co-existence. I should recall and remind you that the founders of the Parti Action Liberal (PAL) and Edouard Nairac, Eugene Laurent and Manilal Maganlall Doctor had since 1909 professed their motto: ‘Liberty of Individuals, Fraternity of Men and Equality of Races.’

They succeeded in their venture until the end of the Second World War with the coming in of  sycophants and greedy political leaders, each one of them proclaiming himself as proprietor of their political party, getting their kids ready to take over telling the same kind of stories- “Either you vote for me or the other one; my community or the other community- my caste or the other caste- my colour or the other colour with expressions such as ‘le rat blanc- intellectuellement limité, fils de coolie or even boutiquier!’ and lately qualifying a creole politician as ‘bourrique’ and another one as ‘pourriture’.”

“The day before yesterday it was Remake 2000, yesterday the Labour party and the MMM were ‘Koze Kozé’, behind the ‘pardhaa’ of electoral reforms and the setting up of a 2nd Republic, while the population is suffering from price rise, unemployment and accumulation of domestic debts. Crimes, corruption andd are in the meantime creating havoc. The PAL-FSM-MAM Federation appeals to the intelligent Mauritian people to kick out all these self motivated political leaders and help create a new brand of politicians. We ask intellectuals and workers to join forces with the Federation. Clean the slate and let us write a new history of Mauritius!”

Morality in Politics

“As the leader of the FSM- the Front Solidarité Mauricien, it is my duty to call at the Nation’s intelligence and its ability to understand that our successive political regimes since independence have been clogged by the dirty and filthy waters of corruption and self motivated political interests.

And from far the lonely suffering crowd stand arms-crossed watching, defenseless, how all human relations are lost and how Mauritians have been forced to look at each other like foes. In this situation the recovery of our humanity is strongly cried for, the meaning of life on the Mauritian soil with our spiritual and moral values are eagerly sought for and the awakening is most crucial.

We are witnessing this very time the loss of ethics in business, cut-throat competition in commerce and industry, nuisances in mechanical progress and the destruction of our environment. Manipulation of life in the womb of the mother has been made possible scientifically through legislative vote in parliament! This is why we people at the PAL-FSM-MAM Federation urges for a new political order and new social norms which will fit our society. For us it is an urgent task and for you it is a duty and an opportunity to put into action what you have been thinking for the past 30 years.”

“I am not coming to you empty-handed asking you to choose us because we are better and that the others are wrong. In my recent speech at the National Assembly I pleaded on your behalf- elimination of poverty, construction of social housing, and the need for checks and balances and stringent control on commercial banks. Some will ask us- but what is your message, what’s new that you bring in politics?

You are right, political parties have used up their ideological trails and are bankrupt of new ideas. In my address at the National Assembly I said: ‘We must introduce the concept of entrepreneurship as the key to alleviating poverty. It can become one of the main drivers of economic growth. Entrepreneurship, as I define it is simply the capacity to see an idea, an opportunity, and bringing in the capital, knowledge, partners and managerial skills needed to develop and then making it sustainable.’

My second ideology is ‘CHANGE.’ Change and progress are not incompatible with democracy, unlike what some autocrats tend to believe. In any change process- and development is one- without involving the participation of those likely to be affected by the decision, the change will not be successful and sustainable. Change involves change in mindset, so that people believe and embrace the change. Sometimes there is resistance, but governments have the duty to explain that change if it is in the long term interest of the nation.

Since our inception, the FSM has been progressing and has become ‘La Force Determinante.’ This is why we ask you to clean the country, sweeping away all the bad elements that are doing wrong to the country-The Michaella Harte murder, the rising number of crimes and the recent hauling of more than a hundred million rupees of drugs, and the ever-mongering of political alliances are they not sufficient to arouse your feelings and claim for a better Mauritius?

Get them out of sight and install a new team that will make you proud to be Mauritian! Let us together write a new page in the history of our most beloved and unique motherland!”                               

Indradev Curpen

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