06 March 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Indradev Curpen

Indradev Curpen

Dr Julian Pender Hume is a palaeontological artist and an Avian Palaeontologist from the London National History Museum. He has travelled to our island to take part in the 185th anniversary of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius.
Every year it is the same story told to workers when it is time to pay a salary increase in order to compensate the rate of inflation. Statistics Mauritius published the figure of 3.9% as the rate of inflation for the past 12 months ending 30 September.
Wednesday 1st October is observed as the International Day for the Elderly. The theme chosen by the United Nations this year is: ‘Leaving No One Behind- Promoting a Society for All.’ In this context, News on Sunday wants to share with its readers the contribution of our elders in the development of Mauritius and the challenges and fears they are facing in their daily life. The president of the Club ‘Le Flamboyant’, Vir Mulloo, a former government chief executive, gives us a clear picture of the current situation.
Friday, 03 October 2014 14:00


The Prime Minister, Dr Navin Ramgoolam, announced the adjournment of the National Assembly on 22 July 2014 during a night session, stating by 7 October, it will be resumed. The schedule of the PM was heavily loaded with activities, which was the reason for the adjournment.
Friday, 26 September 2014 14:00

The other parties : What are their plans ?

The two big alliances are now done after much hammering on the anvil. On one side the ‘on’ and ‘off’ episode is over and serious things seem to have started since the signing of the agreement between Labour and the MMM on Saturday 20 September.
The conversion project of the national ID card has reached its end point with more than 895,000 persons having gone through the exercise even though it cost them some time and patience.
Pravind Jugnauth called the press on Wednesday to present himself as the new Leader of the Opposition. He indicated at the same time that he will send a letter of thanks to the President of the Republic and underlined all the supposed misdemeanours of the former Leader of the Opposition ‘who abdicated of his responsibilities.’
Friday, 12 September 2014 14:00

The Labour-MMM : Sharing of Power

After three months of wrangling with ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ attitudes, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition have been able to come to terms on modalities and the sharing of power and responsibilities, and presented their accord to the press at Clarisse House on Saturday 6 September 2014.
Jonathan Drew is the new British High Commissioner in Mauritius. He presented his credentials to the President of the Republic two weeks ago. He hosted a reception at Westminster House on Thursday 4 September to better know the big players of the Mauritian society. News on Sunday asked him a few questions, so as to know what the priorities on his agenda are.
Ben Buntipilly is at the head of the Special Road Safety Unit, placed under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office, for the past four years. He claims success in the implementation of his projects so much so that Mauritius, he says, is the best among African countries. However, he is quick to claims that there is still a long way to go and that one of the first steps taken for this long journey is the setting up of a state of the art drivers training centre. News on Sunday met the Special Adviser of the Prime Minister on road safety in his office and asked him the reasons for so many deaths on our roads.