16 April 2014
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Indradev Curpen

Indradev Curpen

A quite peculiar but important question arose during the last sitting of the National Assembly on Wednesday 18 December 2013.
Friday, 20 December 2013 14:00

Parliament pays a fitting tribute to Mandela

The Prime Minister of Mauritius, Dr Navin Ramgoolam, the leader of the Opposition, Paul Bérenger as well as the Speaker of the National Assembly, Razack Peeroo all joined together on Friday 13 December to pay a unanimous homage to one of the greatest sons of Africa, Nelson Mandela, who passed away on 5 December 2013.
Friday, 20 December 2013 14:00

Parliament pays tribute to Yvon St Guillaume

At the very beginning of Tuesday’s session, the Prime Minister, Dr Navin Ramgoolam made a statement in form of an obituary to mark the demise of former Member of Parliament, Yvon St Guillaume who died on 8 December at the age of 84.
Friday, 13 December 2013 14:00

CPE Results : Succeeding despite all odds

Whether it is Warren Jasmin of Emmanuel Anquetil government school, a ZEP primary school of Roche Bois,  who gains a seat at the Royal College Port Louis, or Sarvish Babooa of Bois des Amourettes GS and Sarvagya Baungally of Bambous who have a seat at John Kennedy SC, or even Ryan Muneesamy of Stanley GS who can be admitted at the MGI, Moka or like others who won seats at National Colleges such as Sir Leckraz Teelock SC or Raman Osman SC and Piton SC, it is proven today that there are no ‘Star Primary Schools.’
The Manager-Economic Analysis and Industrial Division at the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry, MCCI, Dr Renganaden Padayachy, presented the Business Confidence Indicator for the last quarter of 2013 to the media this week.
The Mauritius National Assembly met in session on Tuesday 3 December with the Honourable Speaker, Razack Peeroo, in the Chair. On the order Paper were the Resumption and Conclusion of Consideration of the Programme-Based Budget Estimates 2014, the Appropriation (2014) Bill and the second and third reading of the Local Government (Amendment ) Bill and that of the Sports Bill.
Rajun Jugurnath was designated “Man of the Year” by Le Defi Group in 2005. He retired a few days ago after having served with utmost integrity as Director of Audit for the past eleven years.
This week session of the National Assembly was marked by the partial absence of the MMM/MSM Opposition. In fact members of both parties were absent during the speeches of Dr Beebeejaun, Deputy prime minister and Dr Navin Ramgoolam, Prime Minister, but came back when the Minister of Finance was summing up debates on the Approriation Bill.
Caroline Chen is a businesswoman who is involved in cruise tourism for the past twenty years. She is the daughter of well known Charles Ng of Atom Travel. After her graduation from Kent University with a BSc in Management Science (Hons) in 1992 and after having been trained at British Airways, she procured herself an Advanced IATA certificate and joined Atom Travel.
Friday, 22 November 2013 14:00

No fuel price hike with the one-rupee levy

The Mauritius National Assembly met on Tuesday 19 November with the Honourable Speaker Razack Peeroo in the chair. The Order Paper included a Private Notice Question from the Leader of the Opposition, Questions and two Bills- the Local Government (Amendment) Bill presented by the Minister of Local Government and the Appropriation (2014) Bill presented by the Minister of Finance consisting of resumption of debates on the Budget.

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